Friday, December 10, 2010

Wake up!

If you stopped by earlier today, you might have thought that I was trying to slide a fast one by you with a picture-less December Daily post. But come on now, do you really think I would do something like that. Ok, you're right. I would. In fact I might even one day in the future. But today I do have a couple of cute pictures to share.Which means that I'm actually doing two posts on this the 10th day of December. Does that get me a candy cane? No? How about a mint then?

So what are we going to do today? The same thing we do everyday...try to find the elf!
Everyone loves a good Rudolph story dontcha know. They also love really cool T-shirts that their moms pick out for them:

Handsome little devil, isn't he? And his sister? Well she's a rock star.

Who really likes Twizzlers and purple hats.

And their mother? Well, she was looking exceptionally cute today.

But despite this undeniable adorableness, she couldn't find a single soul willing to take her to lunch. So all of that cute was wasted though she did finally break down and check this annoying chore off of her list:

With 50 miles to spare too. Has to be a record. And their father? Well he finally got to show off his mad computer skills when he installed Chase's computer game. 

He also got an earful for not jumping at the chance to take his wife out when she was looking so fine. He'll regret it when tomorrow rolls around and I'm back to my normal looking self.  Snooze ya lose Drew. Ya snooze ya lose.

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