Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Wait--what day is it again?

Sometimes I get confused. But it's Tuesday, right? Whatever day it is, it's been a long one. It feels like a week ago that I went into their rooms in the morning and found my two little cherubs like this:

And without the pictures, I'm not sure I'd remember serving Phillies toast to two hard working CEOs.

Or finding Bernard trying to hijack a reindeer to ride back to the North Pole.

I do remember quite clearly though how dapper Drew looked before heading to work this morning.

He was so handsome in fact that I felt the need to leave him a little love note where he'd be sure to see it.

I think it took a good 20 minutes before he stopped laughing. Frankly, I can't figure out what's so humorous about $1000 shoes. I tried explaining that they're black, white, and tan so they'd go with everything, they have buckles so they'd fit my fat feet, and they're Chanel so they'd last forever. Yet, still he laughed. Odd.

I'd have pondered the matter longer, but now that it's bitterly cold, I have to allow for an extra 15 minutes to get the child bundled up to go outside. 30 if I have them both. 

Then off to dance class we went to twirl and whirl.

She did have her leotard under all of those clothes, but she had no interest in taking off her pants that matched Miss Helen's or her purple shirt. That meant less work for me, so I wasn't about to put up a fight. No sir.

I spent the rest of the afternoon finishing up the Hanukkah wrapping, organizing the Christmas gifts so that I can start wrapping them, and beginning to fill out my own Christmas cards.

Of course it was only after I addressed all of those envelopes that I realized two things:
  1. My cards are 5" square but the photos I printed are 4 x 6.  I didn't think that even Calculus could save me here, so I turned to the interwebs for the answer to my prayers. Never one to disappoint, Facebook offered many a (ridiculous) solution. It remains to be seen if any of them pan out.
  2. I used a red sharpie to address the envies, but the inside of the card is red, too. Now I have to change markers. This messes with my slight stationery OCD. I'm trying not to think about it anymore. Not having a lot of success with that to be honest with you.

For dinner last night I made one of Drew's favorite meals: StoveTop Chicken and Green Bean Casserole or as I like to call it: One Big Pile O'Mush. Not my favorite. So tonight, I decided that I'd make something I like. Roasted Onion, Kielbasa and Potatoes. Mmm.  Don't worry, it had a side of Dijon sauce to make Drew happy.

Then it was time to light the Menorah and open some of those presents I just wrapped. Toy packaging frustration quickly ensued. For instance, is it really necessary to sew Barbie's hair together with plastic?

I mean really Mattel? Really?

And last but not least, I spent some quality time creating works of art with my two little future Warhols.

If you'd like to purchase one, y'all just let me know.  I hear the Crazy Mama Series is going to be huge.

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