Monday, December 06, 2010

December Daily Day Six & I'm Running Low on Tricks

It's a pretty boring day here in Mellonland today. Mondays usually are as this is the day that I reserve for boring errands like grocery shopping and boring chores like restoring the house to some sort of order after a weekend of abuse by the children. Still, I'll trudge on through with a post--luckily rambling happens to be a skill at which I excel.

Explain yourself, Elf!

It seems Bernard has a bit of a sweet tooth. That's ok, Bernie--I can relate.

This morning my Facebook news feed was full of people chatting about the snowfall that visited the 'Wood and left the people of Preston County with a day home from school.  Some were complaining, some were rejoicing but most everyone was talking about it. For a brief moment, I thought that we might have been graced with a little of the white stuff too, but when I stepped outside bright and early this morning it was freezing for sure, but no snow.

 See, not a flake to be found.  Totally bummed me out man. So, I decided to spend a moment or two remembering what it was like to have snow in December:

Awww sweet snow! And would you look at that, I'm totally rocking that scarf with those boots and a Care Bear purse. See, even at a young age, I knew how to work an accessory. I see you trying to get a closer look at that purse--so Imma help ya out:

Proud as proud can be--belly bared and all. Style is in the eye of the beholder folks. And if you doubt that, then there's a Care Bear Stare headed your way.

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