Saturday, December 04, 2010

December 4 = Presents Galore

December 4, 2010

I've shown you what the children look like in the morning, so I thought today I'd shake things up a bit and  take a picture of what I look like--hair unbrushed, pjs, & all. Are you ready? You sure, now?
Ok here it is:

Sleepppy eyes. This is pre-coffee, so it's pretty rough. But I had to wake up quick because we had an elf hunt to embark on.

Look Mama! I found Bernard!

Whoa, what was that elf up to last night? I don't think Santa would be happy to know that his little spy has been hanging from the chandeliers.

Soon it was time to pack up the car to go celebrate Hanukkah with the family. This is what we left with:

and this is what we came home with:

How did we get from here to there? Well let me show you:

  Have you ever seen a kid look so downtrodden when surrounded by presents? I have---when he has to patiently wait his turn to tear into them.

You can try prying that ballerina from her death grip, but I can tell you right now that the effort will get you nowhere fast.

A couple of scenic views. You won't find a better picture of commotion this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

 Mmmm cupcakes! That second photo there? Yea, that's my loot. Haikubes, tea, mugs, a scarf & sweater, cupcakes, and a shower cap. An odd assortment to be sure, but totally me, right? I think my family might actually know me or something. Creepy.

Quite possibly Drew's all time favorite Hanukkah gift right here. Jan is positively giddy at finally finding something that made the man smile. Well done Nana, well done. Special thanks going out to our favorite PR rep Joey D for hooking Nana up with the photo. That's two mentions, in two blog posts. One more and it wouldn't be beyond reason to label me a stalker. That might be kind of fun though, so I might just have to do it. I'll see what I can come up with.

All of that quality merchandise, and this 'mask' could be Chase's favorite item:

Well, until he remembered this one anyway.

And that's his sister in the background fluffing a blanket 987 times over Bah-Bee. Fussing with her blanket could be her most favorite activity. In dance class, she'll take all the pretty scarves that she's supposed to be twirling around with and make a cozy little bed for herself to lie on instead. Girlfriend is one odd duck. 

Our final activity for the night was tree decorating. This year, I was smart and hung all of the breakable ornaments prior to letting the kids have it. I also split the remaining ornaments 50/50 between the two of them so that they each had their own little bag to pull from. These two things made for a fun, relaxing tree trimming experience. That's how Mellon likes for things to roll.

"Look Mama, it's a treble clef!"   Guess those music lessons are paying off. Thank you Bach 2 Rock.

Amaya preferred to clump all of her ornaments together on the same branch. I sneakily spread them out when her back was turned. Guess I'm the Grinch now, huh? 

All done! Yes, the tree is still leaning slightly to the right. I don't care. At least not enough to do what it would take to fix it. Also, I need a lot more ornaments--and no, I'm not just saying that to justify buying myself some more Starbucks ones. But it's kind of an added bonus, isn't it. 

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