Thursday, December 16, 2010

No 'and then'!

And then?
I think Bernard is trying to communicate something to us here, but I can't for the life of me figure out what it is. today. I did Yoga/Tai Chi/Pilates with Jeanne. I am really starting to feel like there might be some point in time where I'll look like I might possess the potential to know what I'm doing. Maybe in a year or so? I wanted Jeanne to take a picture of the state of my current yoga posing skills for record keeping purposes, but I forgot my phone in my locker. You should be really bummed about this because I'm sure you would have found the image to be hilarious. I look like a duck. I wish I were kidding.

You know something about yoga? You have to be barefoot. And my feet aren't barefoot ready. At all. But the whole winter pedicure thing just perplexes me. How do you keep from smudging your toes when you put your shoes on? Do you sit in the salon until they completely dry--that would take an hour at least. Or do you wear flip flops and just hope that you don't lose one of your toes to frost bite? Perplexing, right?

And then, after getting my zen fix, I got my holly jolly on a bit by wrapping a few presents. I like the initial present wrapping phase, but as the chore drags on I start to get sloppy. And Martha just wouldn't be happy about that, would she? So this year, I'm trying to break it up into several sessions. Here's a peek a today's work:

Now,  I'll share two Mellon's Holiday Wrapping Tips with you.

  1. After the holiday, pick up a few cute ornaments on clearance. These make super cute present accents that can be destined for more than the trash can. And if you wait for the 75%, they cost about the same as a bow anyway. 
  2. I like to give gifts in reusable bags when possible--again so that it can perhaps find a new life after the celebration. So, I'm always scanning clearance racks for things I can use for this purpose. This past summer I found these at Target--

$1.74? Crazy--you can't even buy a paper gift bag for that. So I bought them, and now as you can see a couple of girls are getting their Christmas presents delivered in this happy pink shower caddy. It's like a present in a present. Who wouldn't like that?

And then, speaking of presents--Chase got to enjoy another Hanukkah surprise from Nana & PopPop as he at last received his first magazine in the mail.

We learned about bears and animals that live in the cold. And yes he's wearing the Spiderman sweatshirt again. He's grown quite attached to it. Luckily, he's still young enough that I can convince him to let me wash it in between wearings. I wonder how long that will hold out? Judging by his recent Chase-isms--probably not long. I give you Exhibits A & B.

A: "Mama, I'll miss you when you go to Ja-ail." (He did not elaborate on just what offense I'd committed that was going to send me to jail. He did spring this jewel on me while I was driving, but I'm sure there is no connection there.)

B: "Daddy, I love your shiny, bald head!"

So, that was my day. I don't think I'm forgetting anything, am I? What? Oh yea. It snowed! We got snow! So that's why this post was late today--I was outside doing this.

I know it's dark. I think the flash was turned off on my iPhone and my fingers were too cold to mess around with it.  I actually don't mind shoveling snow--I make little boxes and race myself to see how fast I can get them clear. And there's just something magical about snow at night. Don't you think?

And then?

No, 'and then'!

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