Monday, December 27, 2010

The Final Monday

I never thought I'd see this day. Or rather that this day would see a blog post, yet here I am on the 27th day of December staying strong on the whole daily posting thing. Though I do have to tell you that in the month of January, you'll be lucky if you get a post a week. I believe they call this a recovery period.

So yea. Monday. And even worse, the Monday after Christmas. That's a whole lot of boring right there: clean up, restore a bit of order, laundry, groceries, and not even a gym date to break the monotony up. Add into that the final meal with the Gparents, and you've pretty much set yourself up for a day spent in the doldrums.

Then after the kids went off school, I contemplated perhaps deChristmasifying the house. I stumbled into the dining room and was met with this:

Yea, that mess of stuff has been sitting there since I Christmasified the house at the beginning of the month. I never got around to putting these unused pieces away. Martha has taken back my Quality Homekeeper's card. Having been put face to face with my own sloth, I decided to wallow in it one more day. I'll tackle the dismantling of the decorations that had the honor of making it off of the dining room table tomorrow. Maybe. 

We finally wound the day down with a little piano practice for Chase.

It's like the blind leading the blind here. Sometimes I think that I dreamed having those years of piano lessons. Musical aptitude = nil. And so does this post, really.

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