Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Altogether shout it now

So the evidence seems to suggest that Bernard thought he would like to take a little spin on Chase's scooter last night. Really he was just trying to get as far away from that crazy rabbit as he could. Just look what that wascally wabbit did to his hat:

She chewed the little fuzz ball right off of it! See.

Note to self: Do not place helpless little people in the rabbit's cage. She is not a fan.

After consoling the elf over the loss of his stylish beanie ball, I headed off to the final combat class at my gym. It was awesome--in the great to see everyone and feel the love kind of way. Not so awesome in the I don't feel good, I might pass out or puke on you at any moment kind of way. But I powered through just so I could say I was there when the final plank ended. And I tried--see my blur?

But after class, Jeanne told me I looked dead behind the eyes the whole time. So I guess I wasn't fooling anyone. No worries, I'll get her next time.

Immediately following the required after class shower, I took a much needed 2 hour nap. Heaven is mid afternoon naps and super soft Splendid tees. Then somehow I managed to take this random picture. Not really sure what I was trying to accomplish here...I don't even remember taking it, but here it is.

I guess I hadn't completely woken up from my nap yet? Anyway, I thought you might enjoy seeing the mess that is my vanity table since a couple of you out there seem to be under the impression that I'm some super wonder woman, I wanted to be sure you knew that wasn't the case. And if you already knew that--well then this just further solidifies the fact in your brain, doesn't it?

Here's something you'd never guess--there's a mother out there who actually trusts me to drive her child home from school. Shocking, isn't it?

The three of them had such fun back there.  I just had to laugh at some of the stories they told. I think the fact that it was pajama day at school upped the excitement factor. Kids are silly.  The best part of being a taxi service? I get paid in food.

I just love these evening dinner play dates. One less meal I have to cook, the kids entertain each other, and then when we go home it's time for bed. It's a great way to spend the evening. I'm so grateful that Adriana is willing to have us invade her house so often. And also that she makes a fantastic chicken soup that smells delicious and feels so good on my scratchy throat.

 Jealous, aren't you? I have great friends. Really I do--and even without the soup I'd know this because it was a record breaking 5 Christmas card mail day:

I love getting happy mail--it's like a bunch of little presents right there in my mailbox. And they're all for me! Happy days are here again!

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