Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merrily We Passed The Day Away

Santa Came! Santa Came!

Presents! We got presents!

Grandpa got Chase a whoopee cushion. Insert potty humor here.

Club C came to visit Club L--Pop In!

Iverson enjoyed visiting with his friends too.

And I got a gift too. Now how is she going to tell me not to eat chocolate after this? Obviously, the idea confuses me as evidenced by my ridiculous face. But if you can pull your eyes away from that silliness for a moment, take a look at the sweater my daddy got me for Christmas. Suh-weet.

Then finally at last Uncle Rob and Lindsay arrived!

This made me happy because I've been waiting all day for Lindsay's Red Velvet Cake.

And it really made Chase happy because he'd been waiting all day for Uncle Rob to come put together his Criss Cross Crash track.

Being the engineer that he is, it was not long before he had that toy whipped into shape!

Now it really was a Merry Christmas indeed.

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