Friday, December 10, 2010

A scene from December 10th

The scene--I'm cruising down 7 happy as can be on my way to spend my Nordstrom Rack Groupon. So giddy am I that I'm blasting my tunes as loud as a Volvo will let them go and singing along a little louder than that so I can be sure to hear every note I miss.

Me: I'm cooler than a fridgerator
sweeter than a now-n-later...

Suddenly my song is interrupted by an incoming call. Ohhh I love getting calls!

Me: Hello Ms. Eva!

Eva: Mrs. Lissak, I am calling to tell you that you need to mind your surroundings when you're operating a motor vehicle.

Me: What? Oh wait, did you just pass me?

I look up and sure enough there's Eva's car. I wave and smile even though she probably can't see me. It's the thought that counts.

Eva: Yes, yes I did. I honked, I flashed high beams, I did everything humanly possible to get your attention and still you didn't see me.

Me: Yea, it's been said that I'm a bit oblivious when I'm driving...this could perhaps be why no one ever wants to ride with me.

Also the reason Drew bought me one of the safest cars on the market. I really need those blind spot detection lights people. Truly. 

Eva: Well please be more careful! Happy shopping now!

And I want you to know that after this call I really did try to pay closer attention to my surroundings. Of course that doesn't mean that I can't still sing along while I do it, does it?

Me: You ain't gotta feel me homie, I'm feelin' myself!

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Drew was right again.  Don't tell him though.

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