Wednesday, December 01, 2010

December Daily: The First

In the scrapping world, there's a tradition of making a little mini-album for the month of December. This little book would have a space to place a picture and a little note about each day in the month. These December Dailies are typically beautiful works of art with lots of intricate detail and hand-crafted embellishments. I've always wanted to make one, but I forget all about that inclination until--well--today the first day of December. So rather than stress myself out trying to make an entire album in a day, I've decided to do a test run on the blog to see how much I can really think of to say about the 31 days in the 12th month of the year. Sounds fun, no?

The first day of December 2010 started out rather horridly actually. Before 8 am, I had broken the bathtub, stabbed myself with scissors and shattered my razor. Yes, I said shattered.

Then I went to the gym where I very nearly fell flat on my arse due to the equilibrium issues that go hand in hand with my cold. Plus, the exertion of jump kicking and decoy switching zapped any energy that I might have had, so I headed straight home for my comfy chair and blanket. While sitting there, I happened to notice that my Christmas tree was leaning to the right by about six inches.  For a second or two, I thought it might be me who was doing the leaning, but I eventually determined that no, it was in fact the tree.


I thought it would be good to try to straighten it before I piled ornaments and ribbon on it. Makes sense right? Well, tell that to the two fingers of my glove that I decapitated in the process:

And I thought I was being so smart wearing gloves to protect my hands from getting all scratched up. Obviously not. Factor in the cold, windy rain of the morning, and I was about ready to write this day completely off. But then the mail came and with it a check from the Virginia lottery! I won the lottery y'all!

 What?!? $30 is too winning the lottery! Grinch! 

Well alright then, even you with your heart two sizes too small will be able to see how finding this little jewel at Starbucks today would make me turn my frown upside down. Love, love, love!

Now I just need 30 or so more so that I can dedicate an entire tree to my love of all things caffeinated and over-priced. 

Finally, we celebrated the first night of Hanukkah with...Birthday Candles! Again. I swear, swear that I bought some real Hanukkah candles last year. They have to be packed away in one of the 20 holiday tubs in the basement. See, this is what happens when you go and move the holiday around on me like this. Also, my camera doesn't seem to want to take a focused picture. Why? I mean it's the expensive one for goodness sake--my iPhone takes better photos. 

Presents! Unfocused, yes. But still...presents!

So there you have it. December 1, 2010. Anyone want to take bets on how many days I miss and/or combine into one post during this little project?  Winner gets a Starbucks ornament.

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