Thursday, December 30, 2010

Do you miss being in Kindergarten?

Sometimes I do. Playing, learning, hanging out with your friends. Life just doesn't get much better than that. So today I thought I'd take us back to those happy days by having our only little impromptu Family Show & Share. We'll start with Chase:

 He is most proud of his Batman nightlight. Now you might be thinking that this was either a Hanukkah or Christmas present, but you'd be wrong. It is a "My sister got a Tinkerbell nightlight in her stocking and now I need to have a cool nightlight too" present from his father. That came two days ago--3 days after the toy explosion that was known as Christmas. So when the subject of the spoiled, pampered nature of my children comes up, I will be hereby directing all inquiries to Drew. Deservedly so, wouldn't you agree?

Amaya would like to show you her Elton John sunglasses that were also in her stocking. 

Santa really likes shopping at the dollar store, and my daughter really likes to accessorize so all in all I'd say things worked out well.

And what does the man of the house have to offer us today?
Well, it just so happens that Drew wishes to share the story of how he was the Sneaky Mole Man Villain and was subsequently cornered, subdued and apprehended by Captain America & Bat Girl. Mama watched from a safe, secure distance. Yet, I was still close enough to hear both children call their father "an abomination" several times. I'd never get away with that let me tell you.

Finally, I have two items I'd like to share with you. Yes, I know the rule is one show & share item. But rules don't apply to me. I'm special. Just go with it. Please?

So anyway,  slacker Mellon finally got around to registering Amaya for the winter ballet session. The website only takes Visa & MasterCard, so since I happen to be an AmEx girl, I had to plumb the depths of my wallet/card holder thingy to find my MasterCard which basically meant that I just dumped the entire mess out onto the table. This is just a peak at what I was hiding in there.

That card on the left is the key card from the Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee. I saved it because I think it's a beautiful photograph. I love how hotels are moving toward the artsy key card. Did you know that some people collect them like stamps? Sounds like a good collection to have since it means that you get to have a vacation in order to add to your stash.  I'm going to move mine to the inspiration board in my scrap room so that I can actually see it once in awhile.

All those other cards? Yea those are the iTunes Pick of the Week from Starbucks. I always grab one when I'm there, but obviously have a problem remembering to redeem them. So I'll be doing that tonight just as soon as I'm done typing up this post. Which is good, because I'd appreciate some new tunes when I find myself up close & personal with this demon again.

I'd like you to meet my arch nemesis: The Evil Cross Trainer. After training today, Jeanne stuck me on this thing and then ran away to practice for the new Body Pump release, so I didn't even have my earphones with me to zone out to some tunes. Instead I exchanged texts with Molly about making chili in her new dutch oven. Have you ever tried to text while you're on one of these things? Comedy hour. With all the typos and ridiculous autocorrects the iPhone insists on making, it took me 5 minutes to tell her to let the chili simmer over low heat for 3 hours. But you know what, those were five minutes that I wasn't staring at the clock, so it's all good. If anyone wants me to text her next time I'm stuck alone on one of these suckers, you just let me know. I'd be good for a chuckle or two at least.

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