Friday, August 31, 2007

Toddle, toddle. Sniff, sniff.

Noodle's really on the move these days. He toddles along pretty adeptly now even though he still looks like Frankenstein. This resemblance to a rather unattractive being hasn't fazed him much however as he feels no embarrassment as he runs all over the house leaving a trail of debris in his wake. The mustard bottle in the pantry and my shoes are the most tempting treasures for him to hide from mommy. He also seems to enjoy scooting into dad's office and lying on Iverson's bed...not really sure what he finds enjoyable about rolling around on a dog bed, but as long as he's not relocating my possessions, I make no objections.

In related news, Mr. Magoo has become an endless fountain of babble. There are a few words thrown into the otherwise incoherent chatter such as dad, yes and dog. He's even begun counting except that he says "one" for every number. You know instead of 1, 2, 3 it's 1, 1, 1. Still not saying mama, unless he's crying and then it's "maaaaaammaaaaamaaawahwahmaaamaaa". The kid likes to torture me you see. He's also taken up the habit of sniffing all of the time. He'll wrinkle up his nose and then draw in two quick breaths. It looks like he's just caught a whiff of something most unpleasant, then he just shakes his head and smiles. Kinda like, "Ew, what's that smell? Can't be me, can it? No way. Must be mom. Hee hee".

Oh and he's a babe watcher my boy. Likes the ladies. In fact, he seems really put out if one goes by him without stopping to comment on his cuteness. Of course this rarely happens as he is the cutest boy there ever was. Yea, I'm an enabler, I admit it.

one, one...

Yea, I'm cute, and I know it. But you can tell me again if you want to.

Can't keep my ladies waiting...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Wedding pictures

We tried to get dressier shoes on him, but the only pair that he'll tolerate on his feet are these Nikes. Guess it's better than being barefoot.

Friday, August 17, 2007

I did say not too short

So Noodlet had his first haircut yesterday. His screams could be heard throughout the mall, and he was squiggling around so much that it's a shear (get it shear, cut ha ha) miracle that his new look is relatively straight and even. It's sad to have all of his hair gone, but it will grow back. The next time we get it cut, I will make it clear that I want it to be just a trim.
I'm headed out for my mommy's weekend with the girls, and then we'll be off to the lake. So, I'll catch ya on the flipside. Peace.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Where's Mommy's Sanity?

For Chase's first birthday, the Cord Blood Registry sent him a book called "Where is Baby's Belly Button?". It's a bright, colorful book that has little lift up flaps to find various baby body parts--you know eyes, toes, bunions. For example, one page says, "Where's baby's mouth?" and when you lift up the flap it says "Behind his cup". Cute, no?

When we got the book, I thought that it was a really nice thing for the CBR to do and was thrilled to read it the little man. Now, however, I have to admit that I have contemplated wrapping the blasted thing up and sending it back to their laboratory so that they can store it in their cryogenic freezers to be thawed only in the year 2050. Why the hostility you ask?? Because my dear son, shoves this book in my face 30 times a day expecting me to read it to him--which might not be that bad, but I can't just read it through once. Oh no. I have to read it at least 3, but up to 10 times through before he moves on to something else. And don't even think about trying to ignore the little chap when he brings the book to you. He'll just start beating you with it until you pick it up and look at it with him.

I'm including a picture of Chase walking (Yea!), eating his lunch, and a picture of that lunch. I think if I would let him, Noodle would be a strict carnivore. He loves meat--today's lunch was chipped ham, cheese, juice, macaroni, and banana. That list is in order of his preference, with the banana or any other fruit being next to strychnine on the scale of things he'd readily choose to eat. This of course could explain his current bathroom woes...

Monday, August 06, 2007

Please buckle your safety belts and keep your hands and arms inside the plane at all times.

Chase is a stuffer.He lives to take objects from their rightful home and cram them into new and unusual crevices. For example, he likes to relocate all of his sippy cups into various drawers and cabinets in the kitchen. Also, he enjoys transferring his toys from their bins and baskets into a myriad of locations that include closets, bathrooms and pantries. He also has become quite adept at taking the dirty laundry from it's sorted home and placing it with the clean clothes in the dryer. And then there is the squishing of his sleepy blanket between the rails of his crib and onto the floor which of course leads to angry squeals when the lovely blankie refuses to magically fly back into the crib.

His latest joy has been in shoving every stuffed animal and blanket within reach into his plane. He crams them into the single seat so they are piled one and top of the other and then takes them for a ride by bouncing the plane and twirling the propeller. This particular instance was a little irritating for him though as his lovey and red puppy kept falling out of the bottom of the plane. He'd stop twisting the propeller, pick them up, plop them back into the seat and then return to rocking the plane--which of course made them fall out again. He repeated this process several times getting more and more frustrated and then gave up and moved on to bigger and better things--like hiding under his blankie.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Not quite a surfer yet

We took little noodle to the shore this past weekend. Our dreams of a future professional surfer in the family took a hit as little noodle was a tad terrified of the ocean. He was all good with the water until a wave hit him smack in the face. After that he was not about to go near the water unless he was safe in the arms of a trusted adult. While his Mama was completely enthralled by the discovery of sand crabs, Chase was less than thrilled by the little crawling crustaceans. He did enjoy the sand, but I think his biggest thrill was chasing after the sea gulls.

Nana and PopPop were staying there with us, so we took advantage of the free babysitting by hitting the town three nights in a row. Our second evening started out rather poorly as my zipper busted in my new dress minutes after arriving at the casino. Luckily we were at Caesar's where they have the new pier shops, so I rushed into Juicy Couture and found a lovely sundress that-oh joy--fit and had no zippers! So I had the sales girl ring me up while I was wearing it--it's not like I had anything to change back into. The broken dress went right into the trash--no more DressBarn for me. Given this rather unlucky start to the evening, you'd think that we'd be crazy to gamble, let alone gamble on a game--say Black Jack--that we'd never played in a casino before. Well you know us...

Apparently, my fairy godmother must have decided that I'd had enough woe for one night because, according to an experienced gambler at the table, I was hitting when I should have been staying and staying when I should have been hitting. Amazingly enough though, I actually won money playing Black Jack. While I was cashing in my chips, the guy in line behind me said that I was so charismatic that I would surely win anything I chose to play. I think he may have been a wee bit intoxicated.

On our final night, we went shopping at the Pier for clothes that wouldn't be worn that minute, watched Harry Potter at the IMAX, and had a nice quiet dinner at PF Changs. When we returned to the house, I finished reading Harry Potter VII and then crashed before 11. What can I say, three nights of being out and about really took a toll on me. I'm not a spry young thing anymore you know.

It's a giant sandbox!

Come here little birdy...

Don't let go Nana!

I don't care about your sand crabs Mama...just take me back to the sandbox.