Thursday, November 29, 2007

What can Brown bring you?

We here at MellonBlogs are proud to present to you this exclusive offer. For a limited time only, life-like noodle replicas are available for purchase. The limited supply of this must have holiday gift has already been packed and is ready for shipment.

You will be amazed at the attention to detail. Special features include authentic screams and convincing bodily noises. Included is the book shown below that the knock off noodle will want read to him several times an hour.
But wait, if you act now, you'll also receive a second outfit, so you can dress your little Magoo to fit the occasion. This change of clothes is also handy for the true to life spit ups that this particular item delivers.

That's not all! Offers placed using Rice Krispie treats as the payment method will also receive a toy bus for the little Noodlebot to play with--sure to provide hours of fun.
Act now, supplies are limited.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Just a few pictures from the UConn game. It was a tad chilly, but we had a good time watching my Mountaineers give the Huskies a beating. I also got to see my cousin Mandy who is the only person besides my mom who consistently leaves me comments on this blog which of course makes her one of my favorite people. That alone was well worth the frozen tootsies.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

If there was ever any doubt

that Chase was my son, I offer proof to the fact.

Yes folks, he is a cereal kid. Just like his mama who is still a cereal kid at the age of 29. But my bowl is bigger.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I'd like one of these too....

You can find one here. Also, let me just remind everyone of my love affair with Rice Krispies Treats...homemade of course, not those dried out, store bought ones. There aren't many things in the world that would make me happier than a bunch of that marshmallow goodness wrapped inside a pretty box. And just so you know, the only reason that I am supplying these gift ideas for you is because some people (you know who you are) keep bombarding me with questions about what I want for the holidays, so please don't think I'm totally greedy & self-absorbed. Ok, maybe a little self-absorbed...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

A note from Santa's little helper

Dear Holiday Shoppers,

If you're still looking for a gift for Laura, I have it on good authority that she would like some grey and/or black socks. The big guy in the red suit is getting a little color blind in his old age and wishes to pass this particular request on to someone else. Her preference is for some sort of design over just solid color. She is not picky about material, but please no knee socks.

Jollily yours,
Elf #765

Was there ever any doubt?

We all knew that Drew would not be able to withstand the power of my pouty face and sad eyes for long. I got him to agree to find a small present or two to place under the tree so that I could open the red box now. My husband did really good with this latest gift. He's become quite adept at finding the perfect present, or as he says, finding items that are "Mellonish". This is the beauty that he brought me...

Isn't it gorgeous? Of course, I love most purses, but this one is in a stratosphere all by itself. It's the prefect size and style for me to use everyday. I'm in love...with the purse and it's bringer.

Ok, for those of you who are only here to see pictures of the Noodlet, here's a couple of cute ones for you.

He's been sick, so he's been a l0ungy kid the past couple of days. This morning, he slept until 10--can you believe it? And he only woke up then because I went in and stared at him until he could feel my eyes boring in to him. He might have slept until noon if I hadn't done that. Must be his father's child after all.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Reply hazy, try again

Drew came back from New York carrying a very enticing red box containing a surprise for me. Even without the use of a Magic 8 Ball, I could have predicted the arrival of this lovely box as I require a present from Drew whenever I'm left at home to fend for myself while he gets to travel to exciting places and meet exciting people and eat exciting new foods. Sure he says it's work, but I know better. The size of this mandated gift is determined by a very complex mathematical formula involving such variables as the amount of time he'll be gone, the draw of the location that he's headed to and my current mood. Given the difficulty of the calculation, you can clearly see that I am the only one who is capable of determining the required parameters for my bounty.

Even though Drew tried to dupe me by stating that he could see a DressBarn from his hotel window, I know that this New York gift is sure to be a good one due to the fact the he was staying within a stone's throw of 5th Avenue. Plus, he knows how I feel about DressBarn after the Busted Zipper Incident of 07. As I'm getting ready to pick up this lovely package and rip into it like it's raw meat and I'm a starving lion, he says, "Merry Christmas Mellon".

Come again? I have to wait until Christmas to open that baby?! I am quite sure that I never agreed to such a deal despite his constant mumbling about Amendment 476 to section B paragraph 9. Now, does he really think that I'm going to let him get away with this chicanery? Outlook not so good.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Nature Thug

We had our last Nature Buddies class of the fall today. The focus of the lesson was squirrels, and much to my disappointment, there wasn't a live squirrel for us to pet. There was however talk of nuts, hibernation, leaves and a squirrel song that we got to sing a couple of times that Chase really liked. There was also a really cool parachute that we put leaves on. We shook the parachute and the leaves bounced. Have you ever heard of something so crazy? Chase apparently hadn't because he was very enthralled by the whole process and showed his appreciation by clapping several times.

The little outdoorsman has improved his walking to riding on mommy ratio, too. I think today it was 10 minutes of self propelled travel to 30 minutes of leeching off of mama's energy. At this rate, I'll be still lugging him around when he's 15.