Friday, December 24, 2010

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Oh Bernard, we're going to miss you and your mischievous ways. But we're oh so excited for Santa to come to our house tonight. And how do we show excitement? Why we tackle our sibling of course. 

But at least Chase's hair looks good while he's at the bottom of that sister mush. See his new haircut?

And then the excitement hit a new high when Grandma and Grandpa arrived at last from the 'Wood.

After which much mayhem and silliness ensued.

But not for Mama because she had to make the Christmas Eve chili.

And it was good...

Just ask Mr. Poindexter here.

Or little Ms. Neat & Tidy here:

After dinner, we listened to Christmas carols, played Snow Monster and made a lovely holiday craft.

Then it was time to leave cookies & milk for Santa. It's kind of a miracle that any sweets were left on the plate though because every time we turned around, Amaya was cramming another one in her mouth. I finally distracted her by letting them use a marker to sign their names to Santa's letter. Tricky Mama, I am.

After observing my daughter and all of her sugar intake, I did the only logical thing--I sent her up for bath and bed. But there was no rest for the Mellon--Santa required my assistance since apparently the elves really are on strike. So the big man in red just dumped all of the presents in our family room for me to arrange under the tree. And by me, I mean Grandma.

Santa also forgot to assemble a few things, so I had to do that too. And by me, I mean Grandpa.

Of course, the problem there is that G-Pa got a little distracted by the toy guitar.

Who says Christmas is only for kids anyway?

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