Thursday, September 29, 2011

Color your sky grey or make it blue.
An equal amount of paint either way.
The return on investment though?
Not equal at all.

4 eyes are still probably not enough

  So, my eye exam revealed that I have an astigmatism which makes driving at night difficult. Unfortunately, this in no way explains the difficulties I have with driving during the day.

Do I look any smarter? web tracking

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Say ahhhh

People always say it's better to be busy than not. Why? Less boredom. Time moves quicker. Well, I am busy now. So busy that stress is a constant companion and I don't have time anymore to do a lot of the things that I love. Which sucks. But they're right, I don't have many spare moments for boredom to creep in and time does in fact seem to move quicker.

But. Why would I want that? Why do I want the finite number of days that I have on this earth to speed by me in a blur of to do lists? According to an online test, (read: highly accurate) my life expectancy is 92. I am 33. That means that I have around 21,500 days left to be here. Seems like a lot.

But. About 8000 of those will be during my geriatric years, which will more than likely pass by in a fog of doctors' offices, Hoverounds and Super Polident. So that leaves me with about 13,500 strong, fit days to live. I've already been here for a little over 12,000. So I'm about halfway through my able bodied existence. Why would I want to speed up the already swiftly moving snowball that is rolling down the other side of the hill toward old age town? I don't. So rather than burying myself in busyness for the sake of making life less dull, I'd rather find a way to fill my days with adventures that make me wish that time could slow down for those remaining 324,000 hours. Well, except for the ones spent in the dentist's chair. Those can continue to fly right on by.