Monday, March 30, 2009


The Micky Modelle vs. Jessy dance remix of Show Me Heaven is a song that we do lunges to in body pump. I really dig it which is good since it has been stuck in my head all day long. If you too would like to go around singing about shivers down your spine, have a little listen. I was going to embed the actual music video, but it was full of gyrating barely dressed girls and I didn't think the majority of people who visit me here would enjoy that--though I can think of one or two who might. Plus it just wasn't that good of a video anyway.

Rain, Rain Go Away

Little old men want to play...

Little sister, stay away.

She'll try again another day.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The difference a year can make

Here was Chase with Mr. Bunny last March.

Here is Chase with Mr. Bunny this March. As you can see, Chase grew a bit and Mr. Bunny got a lady friend to keep him company.

Last March, Chase loved Mr. Bunny.

This March, not so much.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Horsin around

We finally made it to the lake this weekend. The last time we were there was Thanksgiving--crazy right? This wasn't from a lack of desire as we have planned to go several different times, but for one reason or another, fate kept us from making the trip--well until this weekend that is. It was good to be back. It's so quiet and relaxing there.

Well it was relaxing after I put away all of the kitchen accessories that Drew had sent to the house for our Christmas trip that never happened. I think he had 25 different boxes to unpack--he tends to go overboard my husband. He swears that I said that I needed everything that he ordered in order to make Christmas dinner, but I deny the charges. I believe the evidence is in my favor on this one. Allow me to present to you exhibit A: a 2 liter measuring cup. Now ladies and gentlemen of the blogosphere, I ask you: Why would I request an item be bought for the lake when I don't even own one at home? I have prepared numerous holiday dinners over the years for crowds much larger than that expected for the holiday in question and never once needed or even wished for such a large measuring device. Therefore, it makes no logical sense for me to specifically request that my husband purchase a 2 L measuring cup and have it sent to the lake. I rest my case. (on a side note, do you still call it a measuring cup when it's so large?)

Despite the debate over who was responsible for the Amazon avalanche in the house, we had a wonderful weekend. Saturday Grandma and Grandpa came to visit. The kids had fun being the center of attention and ended up expending so much energy that they both took 2.5 hour naps that afternoon. That never happens. Here are a couple of pictures from our walk down to the lake shore that day.

On Sunday, we all were lazy in the morning--I guess we needed a little more time to recover from playing with the G-parents. Once we finally got moving, we had lunch at Uno's and then went to Circle R Ranch so Chase could ride a pony. He thoroughly enjoyed his equestrian experience, and I think he looked awfully cute in his riding helmet. Amaya had fun watching her brother, but I could tell she really wanted to get on a pony of her own. I'm sure we'll be back many times in the coming years.

Friday, March 20, 2009

ToElmo, ToElmo, Chase loves ya ToElmo

Hey Baby. How you doin?

Chase has really started to break free from his protective chocolate coating. In the last few weeks especially he has gotten twice as vocal. He freely chats up every person he encounters when we're out on the town telling them again and again, "I'm Chase." If you try to call him Magoo, Noodle or Monkey now he feels it necessary to remind you that, no--he's Chase.

At home, he is just one nonstop, jabbering little lima bean. Which is really funny when you think that the first two years of his life he was pretty quiet. I guess he decided he needs to speak up now before his sister drowns him out--and she will too, she's a shrieker that one.

A couple of my favorite Chase Phrases are: "Here's Chase's letter C" and "ToElmo". The first one, he says when he encounters any printed C, but most often he uses it to refer to the C magnet that goes in his LeapFrog Alphabet toy. He'll hold up the C and inform you that C starts Chase. If you ask him, C also starts Daddy, Iverson and Pizza. He's a bit confused. Oddly, he can tell you sounds for most letters--I guess he just hasn't put all of the pieces together yet. ToElmo is Noodle's way of saying tomorrow. Everything is happening ToElmo. We're going to Target to buy a wash down, we're going to swimming, Chase has school, we have a play date, we're going to the zoo, Mama's washing his clothes, and we're going to the lake to see AmmaAmpa too. All ToElmo. Don't try to call us then, we'll be too busy to answer. But fear not, for ToElmo is another day...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fructose Coma

Last night, I partied it up with my girls in the time honored tradition of Girls Night Out-or GNO as those up on their jargon prefer to call it. It was a nice relaxing evening, and I felt very refreshed and happy as I made my way home. While halted at a stoplight, I checked my email via my iPhone which hereafter will be referred to as "The greatest gadget I don't really need ever made". Upon scrolling through the usual spam from dating networks--I am a hottie don't ya know--I came across this one line email from Andy:

After eating too much banana yogurt...amaya passed out

Huh? Passed out like fainted? What's the man talking about? What's too much banana yogurt? Is she allergic to yogurt? Is that possible?? Surely he would have called me if he had to take her to the ER, wouldn't he? Did he call, and I just didn't hear the phone ring?? Stupid phone!

These questions flew threw my brain before I noticed that the email had a picture attached. Unfortunately, I had to download it before it would show up and the light had already turned green. So I pressed the button to begin the dl, waved at the beeping guy behind me and drove to the next light hoping it would be red, so that I could look down and see the picture. Well of course the light was green--figures that when I actually want to be held up in traffic the light changes to allow smooth sailing. Eventually though, I did meet a red light--it is Northern Virginia after all. This is what was waiting on my screen for me:

Oh, passed out. I get it. ha ha.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What are we going to do today, Amaya?

Same thing we do everyday Mama--try to take over the world.

Now Mama, let's go over the plan once more. In Phase One, I will acquire the necessary business intelligence for my hostile takeover of Krispy Kreme. I am sure that the secrets can be found in Daddy's magazines. My adrenaline starts pumping when I think that the Fortune magazine sitting over there unguarded could contain the key to the doughnut maker's undoing! Once armed with this knowledge, I will be unstoppable!

You will distract Daddy, while I snag the documents. If caught while conducting my espionage, I will act coyly innocent.

If despite my best efforts, the enemy remains suspicious, I will abort the mission and resume "baby" mode. This is only a temporary reversion done under protest for the sake of the operation. Know this: I will be back to spy another day.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's red and tangled up in knots?

Mellon's hair of course. What? I'm a brunette you say? Not on this day I wasn't--I was a finger painted red head. There I was trying to be a good Mama by doing an art project with Chase when without cause or reason, the lid on the red finger paint decided to put up a fight. So I gritted my teeth and pulled harder and harder until all of the sudden it flew off of the jar unleashing a veritable deluge of sticky, crimson paint. There were splatters on the table, on the carpet, in my hair, on my shirt, on my pants, & on Amaya's hand. If you look to the left of Chase in the above picture you will see one of the little splotches that formed from the torrent of liquid color. Luckily, Chase was wearing his cool Thomas conductor smock, so he was safe from the paint onslaught--though he more than made up for that by completely lacquering his hands in blue and brown. Essentially, we had 15 minutes of mess making creativity followed by 30 minutes of mess cleaning adventures. Totally worth it if he ends up being the next Warhol.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's up Doc?

Amaya had her 6 month check up today. Yes, I know she's 7 1/2 months now, but for various reasons including my inability to correctly count and snow cancellations, she didn't make it to the pediatrician's office until today. While waiting in the exam room, I glanced at the infant development sheet that outlines common traits of babies Amaya's age. The phrase that immediately jumped off the page: craves constant attention. Really? Hadn't noticed that one yet.

Anyway, the little sprout has shot up to 19lbs 15oz and 28 inches in height. That's the 90th and 95th percentiles--she is a beast I tell ya. The doctor was impressed with her crawling, babbling, reaching, eating, peek-a-booing, and leg strength, so basically little sugar bean is an all around superstar. She isn't clapping her hands yet, but since that's a 9 month milestone, we've got a little time to work on it. What she is doing though is pulling herself up to standing in her crib and at Chase's train table. She bonks her head several times a day & earned quite an ugly scratch on her forehead during one of her falls.

I foresee many band aids and emergency room visits in my future.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Batten down the hatches my boy. Trouble is a brewin!

Baby Bean is officially crawling now, and so begins the reign of Hurricane Amaya. She is no longer intrigued by her own toys now that she has discovered the joys of her big brother's stash of play equipment. Chase is none too thrilled at the idea of sharing a single one of his belongings with the girl who shoves everything in her mouth and drools on it. He's there to quickly swipe away any toy the minute she wraps her paws around it. Amaya has thus been working on a more stealthy attack mode.

Here she is pretending to be interested in nothing more than chewing on Chase's train table.

Now she takes a quick peak over her shoulder to see if her brother is fully engrossed in his TAG reader over on the couch.

She makes a go for the toy bounty on top of the table, but too late! Chase is there to quickly pull all of his toys out of her reach. She looks at Mama with pleading eyes---"Why Mama?? Why!!??"

Chase makes attempts for a truce by offering her some of her own toys. Amaya is not amused. But she'll be back, oh yes she will. You'd better put those toys in lock down Chase--that may be the only way to keep them safe. The storm has already been set in motion and there's no stopping it now.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Another example of our questionable parenting

Andy likes to watch the Sarah Silverman show. Me? Well, while I find some of her stuff hilarious, more often I find her just a little too loud, a little too obnoxious to sit down and watch for any significant length of time. There was one show that Andy made me watch, and I'm so so glad he did. On this particular episode, Ms. Silverman sang a catchy little tune that goes by the name of The Poop Song. Here's a video of a small part of it that was posted on YouTube:

Now, that is what I call funny. Of course, you might have to be a mother of a child that poops all day long to fully appreciate it--still, I feel the humor does successfully cross into nearly all walks of life. Ever since watching the video, Andy and I have found ourselves singing, "We pooped at the mall today. This is a poop song!" over and over. We've probably been doing it for the last 6-10 months or so. Well, our childish behavior has finally caught up with us as just this weekend at Chili's, Chase broke out into his own none-too-quiet rendition of The Poop Song. I am pretty sure that the people in the booth behind him nearly choked on their food. We're thinking of taking him on the road soon--I'm sure there are millions of people who would pay to hear a two year old sing about poop.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The park, some snow, old man pajamas and a carrot trail

I finally uploaded the pictures off of my camera from last week, so you get to see the entire 7 days' worth of fun all in one little compact post. First up, our trip to the park last Thursday with Allie. Chase wore himself out chasing her all around, though I somehow failed to get a picture of the two of them together. I believe that I may have made up for that mistake with this picture though.

His sister enjoyed watching the scene from the warm confines of the stroller. I am sure she was just wishing for the time when she would be able to run alongside the older kids. Maybe next year, my dear.

Here's a picture that Andy took of the snow at the shore this weekend. You don't often see snow by the ocean--well I don't anyway. So, I thought it was cool enough to share.

And here's Chaserater in his old man pajamas holding up his hand in the way he does when he's really excited. The Imagination Movers theme song was playing when I took this picture, so Chase was singing along and dancing around. I took a video of his antics, but I don't have the energy/desire/fortitude to attempt to upload it at the moment, so maybe later I'll add it. Probably not though. I'm such a tease, I know.

Finally, we have our blue/green eyed sugar dumpling who is getting much better at the crawling. Her teeth have grown big enough to be captured in full color pixelation, so I felt a close up shot would be prudent. Please also note the carrot trails around her nose and eyes. She's such a messy eater that anytime she's having a dark food that can stain, I make her take her shirt off before she's allowed to commence gorging on the orange goop. All I can say is that she had better clean up her act soon as I am quite certain that most restaurants frown upon removing clothing on the premises--and Mama sure isn't staying home to cook just so Little Miss can eat half naked.