Thursday, December 09, 2010

Here's the Thing

This December Daily thing? It kind of assumes that I lead an interesting enough life to have something document-worthy to share everyday. And well folks, that just ain't the case. But I'll do my very best with what I've got--and you can read along or hold out for a more interesting tale. Your choice.

Today started just as every other--with an elf hunt. 

Once that little sprite was found though, the fit throwing, leg kicking, whine-a-thon began in earnest. I sat at one end of the table eating my Wheaties while the kids nit picked at each other in volumes inappropriate for indoor use. Luckily for me, I have a very neat skill of being able to just tune it all out and stare off into space pretending that I'm actually lying on a beach in Waikiki. Well, until one of the little urchins comes and screams right in my face that is...but that's motherhood for you I guess.

Speaking of motherhood, I had the pleasure of performing abdominal exercises today that made me feel like I was going to give birth right there on the gym floor. I cried. No really I did. Tears mixed with the sweat for a delightful "Just got my rear end handed to me" glow.

After that, I got to go to the time sucking vortex known as the hair salon. 3 long hours I spent there. Enough time for 4 different people to tell me "Nice boots" which I have decided is the new modern day small talk initiating phrase that has replaced the "How about that weather" of yesteryear. Or maybe not. I mean they are really cute boots.

In that 3 hours, I had enough time where someone wasn't fussing with my tresses to get this far in my book--
which I highly recommend if you like quirky, satirical, thought provoking essays on our culture. For my patience and general all around awesomeness, my stylist gave me a holiday present. 

I love presents! Especially surprise presents. So, I left the salon a happy girl indeed. I would have been anyway though--I mean just check out how sleek & shiny my hair is when I leave:

I don't think it's ever been that straight before. I know for a fact that I'll never get it to look that good again. I have not the patience to flat iron 1" sections of hair. Or blow dry it half the time. 

So that was pretty much my day right there. The only other even remotely notable thing is that I found my plates in this state when unloading the dishwasher. 

So tonight I will be editing my letter to Santa to include new everyday dishes. It's a good thing that I've been extra nice this year, isn't it?

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