Thursday, January 24, 2013

Is enough ever enough?

I was skimming my news feed this morning and came across this article about how Apple has "jolted investors with lower than expected iPhone sales." Jolted. Like an electric shock. That's pretty strong language. Things must have gone really, really bad for the reigning fruit of the consumption forest, right?
Apple sold 47.8m iPhones over the Christmas quarter, missing a forecast average of around 50m. Unusually for a company that has regularly outperformed analyst expectations, revenue growth of 18% year on year to $54.5bn was below the $54.9bn forecast, and profits were flat on the previous year at $13.1bn.

Wait. So they sold 47.8 million phones in a single quarter and had a previous year's profit of $13.1bn? And this is a problem? A sign of impending doom? Oh. I see. They fell short of expectations. Their revenue growth was only $54.5bn instead of the hoped for $54.9bn. How disappointing. Because obviously things have to always get bigger no matter how big they already are. $54bn is nothing to be happy about unless there is a .9 after it. And only then may we crack a slight smile because that would only be meeting expectations, not exceeding them.

On the bright side, our inability to ever be content with enough is exceeding annual per capita greed expectations.  I wonder who controls the market share on collective avarice?  Slap an apple on it and call it good.

Sunday, January 20, 2013



should be relabeled




a single task done well

is better than a handful



The things we love aren't always the best for us. See: reality tv and cheeseburgers.