Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's a bird...It's a plane...It's Chase in a plane!

Chase has been finding ways to entertain himself while I pack. Here is a brief list of his most recent diversions: tearing up toilet paper into eensy teensy little scraps that he leaves lying on the floor, emptying cabinets and drawers, pulling Iverson's hair, and attempting to eat any treasure he happens to find lying on the floor including, but not limited to, dryer lint. Accordingly, his new favorite word is "Uh-Oh".

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This is what my baby used to look like..

He looks nothing like that anymore. Isn't that weird? And isn't odd that the little bugger is almost a year old already? Invites went out today for his year one bash...don't expect a lot since I'm in the throes of moving as we speak. Which reminds me...this is what I feel like right now:

Seriously, is it Friday yet? Have the movers come and magically transported everything I own over to the new house? Thank goodness tomorrow is ladies night cause I sure need a break. I've already hidden all of the scissors in the house, so I'm good.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just thought you'd want to know

that "Kate & Allie" reruns are on WE at 7pm. I used to love Kate & Allie. I am currently laughing my butt off at the eighties fashions that Kate is wearing. Who invented those lovely bright plastic hair clips and then decided that if those fluorescent clips were attached at the top of one's head it would be an attractive look? And how dumb were all of use who ran out and bought tons of those lovely hair accessories? Those were the days man, those were the days.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Icy cold water on a windy day? Sure why not.

Chase is an outdoor kid with a bit of a fearless streak to him. A true boy to be sure. Evidence to this fact was presented during Joshua's birthday party, he was the only one under 2 that was unfazed by the icy pool water. In fact, while the other little ones cried and clung to their mothers, our young Chase was in his element. Even the guests who didn't know us were commenting on his daringness as he chased the older kids and crawled from pool, to sprinkler and back into the pool again. They even came up with their own nickname for him: Little Surfer Dude. I think it fits.

Look Mama, I'm a seal. Arck Arck!

This is the most fun I've ever had!

Come on over guys...the water's fine!

Do you know what really bugs me?

Businesses with double door entries that leave one of the doors locked. I mean really--what is the point of leaving one door locked? If you're going to leave it locked all of the time, why do you have two doors? Why not just one instead of having one working door and one wannabe wall? Do the managers sit in the back and laugh at everyone who tries to open the locked door? I really think that we need to get busy and write some letters--let's start a revolution! Plus, this has to be some sort of fire code violation. Just imagine if there was a need to evacuate the building quickly. I can just envision a stampede of customers thinking they were headed for an exit and instead forming a blob o'smushed people against the useless locked door. The morning news could report on the event and all of the store owners could explain why they thought it was good idea to have a door that the building's inhabitants could have used to exit the burning inferno instead become a barricade to their safety. Or how about we avoid this whole scenario and you just unlock the damn door? Just a thought.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Saga of the Sippy Cup: Part I

Since that monumental occasion known has birthday number one is fast approaching, we have been taking steps to ease Chase's transition from formula to milk. You see, at year one, the bottle has to go per doctor's orders. For the last couple of months, we've been giving the monkey sippy cups filled with water and juice, but he's never really been interested enough in the contents to figure out how to actually obtain the liquid from the cup. So, we've decided to try to give Chase some of his formula in the sippy cup thinking that if he's hungry enough, he'll figure out how to get the nourishment out from its entrapment. Let's just say that lil noodle is not too keen on this new strategy of ours.

Today started out so promising as his father got him to drink 6 whole ounces from the plastic cup during his midmorning feeding. So, I thought that the afternoon feeding would go as smoothly. Chase had other plans. He threw the tantrum to rival all tantrums. Screaming and tossing the dreaded cup to the side were just the beginning. He followed those tricks with a display that was so calculated, I am almost certain that he had help from some devious co-conspirator. He would cry and then put his head down as if he couldn't bear to look at the evilness that was his mother trying to feed him via the cute little tumbler instead of his normal glass bottle. When, I tried to set the cup in front of him, he would turn away from it and continue his bowed head pose while pitiful crocodile tears rolled down his red cheeks.

Being the caring mother I am, I decided that this moment must be recorded for use during future dating rituals. As I was snapping away, he suddenly realized the blackmail material I was creating and thus, his mood did a complete 180. He started laughing and babbling, and he even went so far as to pick up that dreaded goblet and pretend to drink from it. However, as soon as the camera was put away, the sneaky little bugger went right back to his crying fit. 30 minutes later, I caved and let him have the darn bottle. I have no backbone.

And before you start in on me, yes I know that the sippy cup is pink and that he is a boy and that boys don't like pink. I had no choice really as when I went to Target with the sole mission of obtaining every transitional sippy cup known to man that particular brand was only available in lovely shades of pink and purple. Of course it's my luck that of the umpteen sippies I purchased, that is the one that he is most likely to actually attempt using. I really don't think he'll be scarred for life, although his daddy may be.

Oh..I can't bear to look at you Mama. How can you be so cruel??

That cup better be gone when I look up Mama.

No crying here...see....I'm happy. Love my sippy cup, love it!

Camera's gone, time to return to my hysterical fit.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Noodle's weekend at the lake

Tell me again why I can't eat the rocks Grandpa.

Check out these funky retro toys Grandpa found for me to play with!

I'm not so sure about this Mama...

I like it, I do I really do!

Are you still back there Mama?

Time to go back to the house...too bad!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Cabinet Raiders and My New Love

Just a few pictures to show off Chase's latest skill of kitchen reorganization. He is so talented at this latest endeavor that I am sure that he will soon be on HGTV's Mission Organization and all of you can sit back and say you knew him way back before he was famous.

Also included into today's update is a picture of my latest obsession. Is anyone surprised that it is a purse? Some things never change.