Friday, December 03, 2010

3 Is The Magic Number

8 AM

Got Jelly?

9:30 AM

I can't rap, but I can sure wrap.

12 PM

Baby it's cold outside--let's make it pretty too, shall we?

1:30 PM

The mail is here! The mail is here! 16 catalogs straight to recycling, 4 to browse later. Mmm chocolate.

2:20 PM

Ding Dong! 

2:21 PM

Pondering. I don't remember buying anything from CafePress. Hmmm.

2:22 PM

Smiling. Ear to Ear. I love these people. Better Recognize.

4:07 PM

 Bernard the Elf finally arrives from the North Pole.

In my family, we've always hidden the elf in the tree so that he can monitor our comings & goings which he will then report back to the big man in red: Santa Claus. This is something my Mama did for us way back when I was just a little sprout. But given the proliferation of Elf on the Shelf, I thought it might be fun to have him move around the house a bit and raise a little ruckus this year. I'm not promising that I'll remember to do it everyday, but I am promising to try.

7:00 PM

Evaluation time.

 C- I'd say. But it'll do for this year I think. Oh and the blue wreath? That's what happens when you ask your Jewish husband to find you a string of battery operated lights. I could use some more net lights, but I know that they'll be all sold out by now. This is why...

7:10 PM

List making on the October 2011 page of my calendar.

Because how else will I remember to buy Christmas paraphernalia when I'm also supposed to be carving pumpkins?

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