Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Anchor's Aweigh my boy...

Sailing the High Seas of our new backyard...

The little noodle who could

We went to Tessa's birthday party on Saturday. There were over 60 guests, and when I saw that the play area was crowded with strange kids and adults, I was worried that Chase would be a little apprehensive about all of the commotion. Couldn't have been more wrong. He just pushed himself right into the center of the action and began playing as if it were his party, not Tessa's.

There was a little boy there who was being a bit of a bully by not letting the younger kids play on a toy. When our friend Joshua was bearing the brunt of the tyrant's anger, Chase rushed to the toy, crawled over Joshua, and faced the threat head on. It was if he was saying, "Listen man, I know you're having a bad day and all, but you just need to chill. Now, let my buddy Joshua on this here contraption, or else you and I are going to have a little problem, see?" I always knew my son was a super hero in disguise.

Later, Mr. Joshua fell and bumped his head and started crying. Once again, Chase raced to the scene. I thought, "Wow look at my little man, going to comfort his friend in his time of distress." Well, once again I couldn't have been more wrong. Chase had merely discovered a weakened enemy whose trinkets were there for the taking, so being the opportunistic little chap he is, he quickly swiped away the blocks that Joshua was holding. I can only assume that this action was done as a ploy to cover up his membership in the Justice League.

A dog's life

As you can see, Iverson is enjoying our new yard too. Sadly, the baseballs did not survive the romp. Guess it's back to tennis balls for the canine member of the family.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Been awhile eh?

So yea...July has kind of flown by--I can't believe we're in the 20's already. Where does the time go? This past week we have been recovering from moving, the party and having grandma here giving us attention 23 of the 24 hours in a day. Yep, we've been crankdified for sure. I think Chase is also getting more teeth, and he isn't adjusting super well to digesting this new fangled drink that we've been giving him called milk. In other words, it's been a very long week.
He has been making some effort to keep himself entertained though. A few of his new favorite hobbies are: trying to pick up the mole that is on my left leg, pointing at puppies in his book, hiding his new cars in multiple spots around the house, and riding in his car while his daddy crashes him into the wall. Good times.
Here are a few shots from his party. We have to thank our friends Chris and Sam for these as our camera died, and I couldn't locate the charger. Good to have friends who have your back in such times of tragedy. Other than that and a few minor wardrobe changes, the party was a success.

It's my birthday,and I'm ready to par-tay!

Had to have a little help with the candle, but next year man I'll be ready!

General partying

More general partying

Even more general partying

Playing with Nate in the pool

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Pictures are worth a 1000 words...

which is good because my brain is toast. Thus the only thing that I can think to say is this brief note to self: get some self tanner woman!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Abort search and rescue mission

Just checking in real quick to let you know that I haven't been buried alive by an avalanche of boxes. So, you can call off that Saint Bernard you were sending in to disentangle me from my cardboard prison.
The little monkey is slowly adjusting to the move. By adjusting, I mean that he's developed a new scream that he unleashes when Mama has the audacity to not grant him his every wish. There is nothing cute about this new bellow of his, so I won't say anything other than this: if you really love me, you'll send massive amounts of Excedrin my way.

We're headed to the lake tomorrow for a little 4th of July R&R. I'll leave you with this picture of Chase enjoying a Raspberry Beret Smoothie which is a fancy way of saying "sugar coated sugary goodness". The concoction was so tasty that he kept trying to grab the glass so that he could chug the stuff instead of messing with the slow delivery offered by the straw. I'd say he's well on his way to fitting in at WVU--Go Mountaineers!