Thursday, December 02, 2010

DD #2

What do you think of DD as an abbreviation of December Daily? Does it make you think of Dungeons and Dragons? Or Doomsday? Doesn't matter--it saves my fingers 12 keystrokes counting the space bar so I think I'll keep it. I have to conserve energy where I can.

So what can be said for today? Well, we started off December 2nd with a healthy breakfast of yogurt, toast, waffles, and milk.  And Amaya limited the amount of yogurt on her dress to approximately 3 spoonfuls, so that's noteworthy.

Also noteworthy? Iverson's new buzz cut. Lookin' good Poop, lookin' good.

Then I went to the gym for 'Joint Day' with my favorite trainer. I was thinking that sounded like a  pretty illicit little venture so imagine my surprise when there wasn't a single Grateful Dead T-shirt to be found. But there were a lot of rotator cuff exercises with a side of 540,344 sit ups. I do plan on filing charges for the infliction of bodily harm just as soon as I can raise my hand above my waist again.

I returned home to begin steadily working on Operation Holidize The Mellon House. Yes, I frequently make up words around here. Feel free to use them yourself if you like.

The way that I go about decorating the house is that I basically just throw together whatever I have and hope that the outcome is pleasing.  And if it isn't? Well there's always next year, right?

The thing about going through life flying by the seat of my pants is that it allows for a high frequency of unfortunate events to occur. For instance:

 But as with Yin and Yang there are happy little accidents thrown in there too.

 I knew I'd bought those candles. So what if they were in the tub marked "Outside Lights and Garland". I had them, that is what is important here.

After a day spent Holly Jollyizizing, I had most certainly earned a Mommy Play Date. Pizza and blueberry pie? Yes, please.

 Finally, we wound down the day with Hanukkah Night Two by utilizing the correct candles this time.

 Tonight's gifts were PJs and books--perfect for a later than normal bedtime. Then it was time to get my blog on, but wouldn't you know that my silly iPhone wasn't interested in being recognized by iPhoto so I had to email myself all of these photos individually. If that isn't dedication, I just can't tell you what is. Anyone care to change her earlier wager?

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