Thursday, April 01, 2010

A Tale of Two Bunnies



There once was a boy who loved his two Easter Bunnies very much. He’d hug on them and squeeze on them and whisper sweet nothings in their big floppy ears.


Then one day the boy found himself with a baby sister who wasn’t such a baby anymore. She wanted to love on the bunnies, too. But the boy wasn’t really interested in sharing his lovies with this walking, talking annoyance of a sister. 


The little sister really wanted a bunny to love though. So she offered to trade a lizard for a single bunny to hug. She felt it was a very fair and equitable trade.


The boy however wasn’t as sure that it was a worthy exchange. After all, that bunny had a basket full of eggs. But the sister was so persistent that the boy eventually relented.


As little sister dragged her prize away, the boy realized he’d been bamboozled! The lizard was hard plastic and not very huggable at all. 017

Chagrinned, the boy scooted off into the sunset in search of a new somebunny to love.


The End

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