Friday, April 23, 2010

Ain't No Sunshine When Drew's Gone

And he's always gone too long anytime he goes away. Truer words were never spoken. Sung? Whatever.

Iverson never gets up on our bed--ever. I think he stays off of it because it's too high a jump for his senior citizen legs and back. And probably also because he got tired of listening to me complain about how he left hair all over my comforter. Nagging owners are the pits man. 

But last night, Iverson somehow got up on the bed and made himself all comfortable on Andy's side. Like he missed him so much he just had to sleep where the Drew had slept. Or maybe it was a seize the opporutnity while it's available kind of thing? I remember hearing a couple of loud thuds last night while I was watching Bones, which I now understand to have been the dog missing his bed target. He must have been really determined to get up there. I hope his little snooze was worth it. 

Yes, we find that having Daddy away can be challenging. The days feel longer. Chase is forever asking, "Is Daddy done with California yet? Mack went to California." Amaya chimes in with a "Where's Daddy?" Add a trashcan drum and some old tin cans and we could have our own street band. 

Still,we find ways to pass the time.

Daddy hates sand. I mean really despises the stuff. So I take his absence as a chance to let the kids get all kinds of gritty without having to hear their father huff and puff about it afterward. And what do I do while they're getting the little grains lodged in their ears and noses? Play with my iPhone of course.

This little branch was broken off in that crazy wind we had a few days back. I love the little miniature oak leaves that hadn't had the chance to reach their full growth potential.

Today, I took the kids to school, but not before being treated to a few quotable moments. For instance, this one:
was extra proud of her outfit--another one given to her by Allie. Amaya pointed to her sweater and said, "red". Then she pointed to the dress and said "ress". She waved her hands all around like Vanna White and said "ditty". Translation: pretty. The minute her toes touched the ground, she ran to retrieve her little white sandals and delivered them to me insisting that I put them on her feet without delay. This instant Mama! Then she twirled round and round the family room saying, "Ditty, ditty, red, boo, boo, ditty". She takes her role as princess of the house very seriously.

This one in his goof ball shirt:

had been playing upstairs with his walkie talkie. That went something like this:

"Hello Daddy, I can't test you in California. Come home now so I can test you. Ogre."

Yep, couldn't have found a more appropriate shirt for that one.

Daddy comes home tonight. Thank goodness since this house just ain't no home anytime he goes away.


  1. Glad to read he is coming back home tonight. Have a great weekend!

  2. Glad your husband is back in town! It's rough when they're away. And your daughter's dress? TOO CUTE! :)