Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Spoiled? Who? My kids? I plead the fifth.

Andy stopped home for a surprise visit this morning. In his hands he carried an iced latte, egg salad sandwich and a rather large box. The box came all the way from England, and Drew informed us that it was a surprise for Chase & Amaya. I was wary as I opened the box as my husband has been known to go a bit overboard. He did not disappoint.

I opened the box, tipped it over and out fell a lifetime's supply of Chuggington trains.

 Since they're not available yet in the USA, I imagine Drew reasoned that if he had to pay for shipping from England he might as well buy the entire collection and get his money's worth. Cause obviously waiting a few months until you can buy them at the Target right down the road was out of the question. The term "restraint" doesn't seem to hold a lot of meaning for the man.

Let the record show that while yes, my children are spoiled; I had absolutely nothing to do with it.  I would very much appreciate your ruling on the matter prior to my posting the Easter pictures.  Double jeopardy, what?


  1. Those trains have got to be cool, so it was worth it. :-)

  2. Mandy3:53 PM

    I've never heard of those trains--I'm sure I will, however. Must be spoiled, and we'll blame it all on Andy. Thank God he spoils you too, yes?

  3. Kim, Chase LOVES those trains. I personally don't see what the big deal is--they seem to be just like the 500 Thomas trains we already own. But the kid has done nothing but play with them since he got them.

    Mandy--Chuggington is a show on the Disney channel I think. Kind of like Thomas, but more cartoony. Yes, I have no complaints about the spoiling of myself...