Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Simply Fabulous Dahling


Here's a picture Teresa took of my little fashionista at the Easter Egg Hunt last week. Amaya loved Allie's backpack so much that she threw one hellafit when I made her keep it inside when we went out to hunt eggs. She's such a little diva.

I don't have any other pictures of the Egg Hunt because I somehow forgot to take my camera. However, Molly was there using her new fancy birthday camera, so I'm hoping she got some great shots that she'll forward on to me. Don't make me whine now Molly--it's isn't pretty. It's much easier to just give me what I want. Just ask David.

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  1. Anonymous6:06 PM

    I do have pics to send however they are still on my camera = the camera has been sitting on my desk for quite some time waiting to be unloaded! THere's 500+ so I'm a little concerned if my computer can handle it.
    Hope to do it tonight though!!! Coming your way soon!