Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bodyslam Mush!

What kind of MMA fighter lets the fact that she's wearing a dress and tights stand in the way of taking down her big brother? Not Amaya. No way, no day!
Rumor has it that she's gotten offers for a UFC cage fight. Her kill joy Mama insists that she be at least 5 before engaging in any professional fights though.  No matter, she'll pass those couple of years by honing her skills on poor Chase. Remind me to buy that kid a helmet and pads.

No big brother was actually harmed for the making of this post. He was in fact laughing and encouraging his sister in her mushing ways. 


  1. Mandy9:48 AM

    Amaya, seriously, looks like she's going to town. LOL. And, as always, a big fan of your commentary.

  2. Yvonne10:58 AM