Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Because I care

If any of you out there are roughly the same age as me (25. What?!?), then you probably remember the fun little Mr. Yuk sticker that your parents placed on various chemicals that they kept under the kitchen sink. Need a refresher? Well, you know me. I aim to please. Here you go:

Creepy as it was, that little green demon did exactly what it was supposed to to do: It kept me from ingesting hazardous household chemicals. Without that green tongue and those scrunched up eyebrows staring back at me, it's hard to tell how many shots of Drano I might have knocked back. So that got me thinking about another important cause that--like child poisoning--is very near and dear to my heart: the eradication of a virus known as the Childhood Perm.

Our youth can't be blamed for past outbreaks of the virus. How could they have known the far reaching effects of a single permanent processing? Had they known, then years of hideous school pictures, tangled webs of matted hair, and the uncontrolled population growth of the "hair pick" could have been avoided. Which is why I'm proposing a Mr. Yukish type icon to scare little ones away from indulging in the hair permanent. Some image so scary, so hideous that with just a single glance, no child would ever again question the dangers of the spiral perm. A picture so grotesque that it will be forever burned into their formative young brains as a visual representation of the horrors awaiting anyone who gets a perm.

Because this cause is so very important to me, I have taken it upon myself to provide our children with just such an image. Behold:
I think you'll agree that it would be nearly impossible to find a more suitable deterrent. So here's what I'm thinking: billboards, print ads, fliers in every salon, and of course we must have stickers--lots and lots of stickers.


  1. That is hilarious!! I have naturally curly hair. One time I got a perm on top of my naturally curly hair. The idea was to make it more controlled curls. Yeah, that worked great. NOT! :-P

  2. The dimples are great! You should have smiled wider!

    Also, the image of a 5 year old sitting at a bar with a shot glass and a bottle of drano is now stuck in my head.

  3. Mandy8:55 AM

    Man, thanks for the laugh. I really enjoyed the Mr. Yuck commercial. And, you know what--I agree with you about those stickers doing what they were intended for.
    On the other hand, I don't think your perm is all that bad. I think it's a cute pic, really. Of course, that might be because I am waxing nostalgic for the good ole days when perms, big bangs, and those vests were all the rage. lol.

  4. Okay, I'm in the club that actually says your hair looks cute. It sort of has a naturally curly look to it, and it doesn't look huge. I really dislike huge 80s hair, even though I grew up then and wanted my hair crimped (I liked crimped better than permed as a wannabe-teenager, not sure why), but yours isn't huge. It just looks like... curly hair.

    I remember the Mr. Yuk stickers, too! I got a little carried away back then. Mom had them on her trashcans and washer and dryer (not sure why I put them on large appliances) until she finally replaced those, oh, 2 years ago. And the one on the "dangerous chemicals" cabinet finally disappeared, along with the childproof lock, when she got new cabinets this summer.