Monday, April 26, 2010

My Monday in Bullets

  • I walked up to my what I thought was my car in the gym parking lot only to find it had a different license plate--one of those vanity ones that I would definitely recognize.  I stood there for two minutes looking around trying to figure out where my car was before I realized that the vanity-plated car was, in fact, mine. Turns out Drew had ordered me one of those nifty WVU license plates without telling me. I think he does stuff like this to test me. Gee, I really hope I passed.
  • Chase has been asking for blueberries all week. Ever since he watched that dog chef on Disney Channel--what's his name Ze Fudge? Ze Fiddle? Ze Irksome?--make pancakes sprinkled with them, that's all the boy has been able to talk about. I promised him I'd buy some when I went grocery shopping today. Guess what? They had no blueberries. Of course.
  • You know what else they didn't have again for the second week in a row? Strawberry Chobani. I got some blueberry instead. Maybe Chase will be happy with a dollop of that on his pancake?
  • Just in case he isn't, I got frozen blueberry pancakes.
  • My receipt says I saved $35.47. 
  • I rewarded my thriftiness and berry ingenuity with a grande skim latte. 
  • I got home only to realize that I forgot to buy small dog treats--AGAIN. Contemplated returning my skim latte as punishment for this oversight, but decided to just give the dog another Greenie with a dollop of blueberry Chobani on it instead. 


  1. Laura, more blueberries for the dog! They're supposed to be bad for canines, along with grapes and suchlike. Go figure. One of our Weimaraners snarfed a half-pound of chocolates off the coffee table once, and was fine. And chocolates are supposed to be the kiss of death...

  2. Oh I was just joking about the Chobani--it's way too expensive to waste it on a dog that is happy eating banana peels. I can understand the confusion though--my sense of humor is more than a bit off kilter.

    Good to know about the blueberries though as the dog follows the kids around like a street cleaner at Disney World whenever they have any food. I can just picture them dropping a blueberry or two, the dog inhaling the little fruits before even taking time to determine if it was in fact food, and then falling over comatose. Now I can avoid that outcome. Hopefully.