Thursday, April 22, 2010

Go Ahead Punk...

Kim shared a brave, thought provoking post about body image over at her blog Mom Tried It today. She took pictures of herself in a bikini--and then posted them online without using Photoshop to give herself a tan or erase her stretch marks first. And you know what--she still looks beautiful. Because real women do have flaws, little things about themselves that they wish could be smoother, flatter, fuller, longer, leaner. But at what point do those little wishes turn us into self-loathing monsters who think that because we fall short of the air brushed model on the cover of Cosmo we are somehow less? And what meaningful parts of ourselves are lost in our endless quest to reach such an impossible goal?

I don't have an answer really. Call it a healthy self esteem, apathy, or perhaps an over-inflated view of myself, but on the whole I've not been one to spend a lot of time dwelling on the negative aspects of my body. Would I love to have normal feet instead of these fat, duck feet that never fit into the really cute shoes? Sure, but unless some miracle of science unfolds, I don't think I'll be singing about my Louboutins any time soon. Do I wish my hair weren't 45% grey already at the age of 31? Of course, but it's nothing a visit to the salon can't fix. So why worry about it? I'll just be grateful to have hair. Would it be nice to have eyes that were a bit larger and more in scale with the roundness of my face? Heck yea. But what my eyes lack in size, they make up for in color. In fact, I think my blue "husky" eyes are one of the reasons Andy fell in love with me way back when. So rather than knock them for being inferior, I think I'll thank them instead.

I've found when I don't spend energy beating my body up for being too pale, too short, too soft and focus instead on appreciating the life that it's allowed me to lead, I am a happier person. 

Sometimes people who hear that I'm at the gym 6 days a week think that I must be completely body and diet obsessed. They seem shocked when I can't tell them the number of calories that are in the burger I'm about to eat or when I show no interest in joining their endless discussions about how fat they feel.  I don't exercise as a punishment, at least not anymore. I exercise to feel stronger, so that when I have to carry two 30lb squiggling kids up three flights of stairs, I can.

  I exercise because despite the fact that I'm covered in sweat, my hair's a mess, and my face is beet red, I often feel the most beautiful when I'm pushing my body to its limits. To work harder. To do more.
 And I exercise to thank my body for carrying me through this life. Because that's what all those scars and imperfections show: That I have not only lived, but lived well.

Oh, and one more thing. I exercise to be ready
just in case some recently reawakened zombie

ever decides to cross my path.

Go ahead punk, make my day.

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  1. Okay, so when I am in a dark alley all alone, I want YOU with me!! Look at you working out. I really need to get back into that. It did make me feel more confident and just healthier. It's easier to let things go when you know you in good condition.
    You look so gorgeous all covered in sweat and working out. It reminds me of Jennifer Garner in Alias. Woo hoo! You rock!

    Thank you so much ofr linking up and participating. I think it is amazing how women are letting themselves be exposed by writing and showing the things they don't like and the things that make them beautiful. I am so glad to have such great friends that will do crazy things with me.

  2. Haha this post is great! I love how I feel after I finish a nice run, however, I look at hot mess! Haha!

  3. Thanks for giving us the platform Kim! I had fun acting silly for the camera at the gym today--cause yea I'm a procrastinator like that. :-)

    Angela, after I workout, I tell people, "I'm just a mess, no hot about it." hee hee

  4. Mandy7:13 PM

    Completely love it, Laura. Inspiring and realy. Thank you.

  5. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Laura - you look very cute in your pony tail and work out gear! I wish I had the self esteem that you do!

  6. Ha ha ha! Love the zombie kick! You are too funny!

    I actually love going to the gym and working up a good sweat too. It's just hard to get motivated some days!

  7. What a wonderful post! Very inspiring. Zombie kick to the head! Hooah!

  8. YOu never know when zombies will attack.
    I still remember my youth pastor showing us a picture of some super star on Vogue, and then telling us it took half a million in air brushing to get her to look like that, pretty amazing considering she was on there as "The most beautiful woman."

  9. You look great! I've been trying to get this baby weight off forever...guess I'll need to get to the gym!

  10. Ha ha! Great post- made me laugh. :-) You look great, too!

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  12. Thanks so much for linking up!