Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Rebuttal: Dad

So I got an email from my dad today in response to yesterday's post. Thankfully, he hasn't written me out of the will yet. Here in his own typed words, Dad's official statement regarding the allegations that he schmoozes his way out of speeding tickets.

Just to set the record straight.    When I was dating your mom, I traded my VW beetle for a Ford Pick-up Truck.  The day I bought it, I  picked up your mom and then went up to interstate 68 to see how fast it would run. I got caught that day, and I was awarded a ticket, not a warning!  Tell Andy that when his hair turns gray he will get a break too. 

There's only one flaw in your reasoning there Papa--Drew doesn't have any hair to go gray. Guess there won't be any ticket avoiding in his future unless by some miracle he learns how to drive like he has sense. Given the odds of that, I might as well start planning on wallpapering my bedroom with traffic citations. très chic

Just one more question: how many tickets did you rack up while cruising along on this contraption?

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