Thursday, November 04, 2010

Halloween Fail 2010: Parts II & III

Fail Part II

Chase ate a cookie after dinner that must have had some trace amount of nut on it because the poor guy started wheezing and retching. So instead of fueling up for the festivities with treats, we tricked him with a hit of benedryl and an alburterol treatment instead. This was so much fun it should become our pre-trick-or-treating tradition, right?

Fail Part III

Chase started feeling better, so we attempted our annual Halloween Night front porch picture. Drew was in charge of the camera, so I should have known it was not going to go well. This is what all the pictures looked like.

Fuzzy, Focusless, Funny-Faced. The dreaded Triple Fs.

Five minutes later, Chase was throwing himself on the ground screaming, "I give up!" Amaya joined in as a sign of sibling solidarity.

One month, Three fails. Still, if I dig hard enough I can find an equal number of wins.

Win #1--Successful play date photos

Win #2--Happy Trick or Treaters. Chase especially enjoyed singing "The Hound Dog Song" for anyone who asked. Child is a ham.

and Win #3 Awesome jack-o-lanterns

I didn't know at the time I carved it how appropriate mine would be.  Boo to our October Fail and Boo to you too--until next year.

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