Friday, November 19, 2010

Is that you Casper?

For those of your that follow my Twitter feed or are my Facebook friend, you might remember a post awhile ago about a poltergeist doing crazy things to the light in Andy's office. If you don't follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I just have to ask WHY NOT? I mean clearly I post very enlightening and entertaining status updates, aren't you bummed to be missing out on them? No really, the gist of the story is that when I hijacked Drew's office to work on my writing, I was derailed by a spastic light fixture that randomly turned on and off, then turned the fan on low, then high, then low, then off. It was nuts.

So of course I had to post about it on the internet, but also I had to tell the hubster about it as soon as he walked in the door. That went something like this:

Me: "Hidearhowwasyourdayandbythewaywehaveapoltergeistlivinginyourofficewholikestoplaygameswiththelightmakingitblinkonandoffoverandoveragain."

Andy: Huh. That's never happened to me before. Can I take my coat off now?

And I knew that would be his response and that if he went into the room to test the light for himself that it would work perfectly for him. Like the time the toaster wouldn't work, so I plugged it into the other receptacle, still didn't work, so I tried the can opener but it didn't work either so I told Andy the outlet was fried. So he came in and plugged in the toaster to the same outlet, and (surprise, surprise) it worked just fine for him. That is how it always goes around here--things break for me, I tell Drew, they work for him, he gives me that "It's ok that you're a little crazy Mellon, I love you anyway" look while the ghost snickers in the background at the perfect execution of his diabolical plan. But I outsmarted him and the stinking other-wordly visitor this time--I took a video! God bless the iPhone and all of its handy little gadgets.

After watching the screen that I shoved in his face before he could get his shoes off, the man had no choice but to admit that there was something wonky going on with fan in his office. For awhile, I bathed in the delighted glow of having proven my sanity. But today, the glow has gone. You see,  the husband decided that he needed a new fan since this one has a weird donut shaped light bulb that requires you to take the fan apart to replace it. Seeing how neither one of us is what you could call mechanically capable, that meant we had to call in a professional to install the new fixture. And that would be why I'm sitting here now waiting for the electrician to arrive--just another in the long list of chores I'd really prefer not to be doing this month. I just can't win for losing--but at least I'm not crazy. Yet.

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