Wednesday, May 19, 2010

They tooka his blood Drew, they tooka his blood!

Chase had to have blood drawn yesterday so that we could see if he's still allergic to nuts and peas. Poor little guy had to give up 4 tubes--4! I'm grateful it was Drew that got to take him for that little adventure.  If you couldn't tell from the picture, let me just inform you now that he was not at all happy about the ordeal.

He insisted on trading his short-short sleeved shirt for one that would cover his band aid which is why he's shirtless in these pictures. I guess he thought if he couldn't see the evidence, it would be like it never happened? The above two pictures were taken right after he returned home. Please note the way he's holding his right arm as that pose will become important in subsequent shots.

This picture was taken about an hour later:

And this one after his nap which was about 5 hours after his blood was taken:

Finally, this one was taken after dinner--a full 8 hours after he was stuck:

Does that boy know how to milk an injury or what? Frankly, I don't know where he learned such a thing.


  1. Poor little guy! 4 tubes is a lot. I don't blame him for wanting a little attention :)

  2. Poor little guy!!! Please kiss his wound, and tell him it's from Gran. That should make it all better.

  3. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Laura - he is of the male species variety - that might have something to do with it - ha! Nice of Andy to take him!

  4. Molly--I would normally agree about the male species and injury, but I myself have been known to hold my arm in a similar fashion and whine to Drew about my pain and suffering. Monkey see, monkey do. :-)

    He's much better now, and got a kick out of telling his teacher all about his band aid.

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