Saturday, May 01, 2010

Burn Rubber

 I finally got to go to my first NASCAR race of the season. I think Drew put off taking me for as long as possible because he thinks my schmoozing skills are lacking. I'm pretty sure that my contract states that my only job is to stand there and look pretty though. I need to contact my union rep.

It was a night race in Richmond, and I've decided that I like the those kind the best. At least when the weather is as perfect as it was on Friday night anyway. I've also decided that Brian Scott should be my new BFF. Here's why:

  • Get it? Brian, from Family Guy with a Stop Sign??? Hi-lar-i-us (I'll explain later mom)
  • Also, on the way to driver introductions, Mr. Scott stopped to talk through a fence with some mini-fans while most of the other drivers sailed right on by them without so much as a second glance
  • Plus, I've always wanted a NASCAR driver for a BFF
 There are of course some obstacles to this occurring:
  • Long distance friendships are hard to maintain let alone start completely anew
  • He doesn't seem like the chick flick-watching type
  • Since the extent of our interaction was "Hello, Nice to meet you, Good luck", I imagine he'd find it a bit odd if I started texting him hourly about which shirt I should buy or what I should fix for dinner. He might even consider it stalking. There are laws against that you know. I could get in trouble.
After careful assessment of the pros and cons, I've decided that it's pretty much even odds at this point. Guess I'll just leave it to fate.

Moving on. BigSpot.Com was an associate sponsor for this race. Andy was quite taken with how snazzy his logo looked on the back of the car.

I agreed that it was great, but I thought that our "official" picture should be taken in front of the 11 as that would make for a way cooler picture than the rear end of a car.  What do you think?

 I'm sure you agree with me, right? If not: lie. As per the usual procedure, my opinion was taken under consideration and then duly ignored. 

I know what you're thinking right now. You're thinking, "What in the heckfire is an @Spinnawitz?"

This is an @Spinnawitz:
He's the PR guru for the 11 car. He was also in cahoots with Drew over that whole "Let's blackmail Laura with threats of mass producing this horrid picture of her" plan. I think he may have felt a bit repentant though as he did bring me this as a peace offering:

If he includes an ice-cold milk to dunk them in next time, I'll consider the entire matter forgotten. Yea, I'm that easy.

At this race, I got to spend a lot of time down below watching the pit guys in action. Up in the pit box, I didn't realize that they did more than what I saw when the car came to pit. As far as I knew, they disappeared in a poof of smoke and light when the car left pit road.  But they do all kinds of neat stuff down there--the most fascinating of which was by far tire dissection:

I have no idea what this guy is doing or why he's doing it, but boy was it cool to watch. And it was here that I discovered my latest career aspiration:

I want to be in charge of the blow torch! I mean, Drew says I can't drive a race car because I'd be Death on Wheels, so that should make me the perfect person to bring death to the tires via shooting flames, yes? I think I have found my calling. When can I start?

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