Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Quotable Chase

Mama: Were you a good boy in school today?
Chase: Yea. Except I didn't pay attention in music.
Mama: You weren't a good listener?
Chase: No, I wasn't paying attention.
Mama: Well, are you sorry you weren't paying attention?
Chase: No.
Mama: Will you pay attention next time?
Chase: No.
Mama: No?
Chase: Maybe Friday.

Chase: I'm funny all the time. 

Chase (After a pile of cars came crashing down): My bad.

Chase: My room's a disaster area.
Mama: Why is that?
Chase: The cars did it.

Chase: My sister is out of control.

and finally

Chase(as he's in the middle of vomiting all over me): I'm sorry I throwed up on you Mama.
Mama: It'll be ok.
Chase: Go take a shower now Mama.
Mama: Love you kid.

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