Thursday, May 13, 2010

Applying for the Position of Honorary American Daughter

Eva and Kyle came over this afternoon for a play date which was great and all but not usually something that I'd write a blog post about. Except that when Eva showed up at my door she held in her hands a pretty, polka dot gift bag. Ya'll know how much I love presents...

Her mom brought me jasmine tea all the way from China! I have no words to describe how much I love the smell of jasmine tea. It's so sweet and calming that sometimes I spend 20 solid minutes just sniffing my mug. Of course, then my tea gets cold, but that's why microwaves exist, right?

I was so excited that I had to open the canister as soon as she handed it to me to make myself a cup.  And that cute little tea scooper thingamabob--oh my goodness! It makes me giddy just  to look at it! I think I'd like Eva's mom to become my honorary Chinese mother. Think she'll adopt me as such?

I'm not sure if Eva realizes just how awesome a gift this is. Not only is it tasty and pretty to look at, but jasmine tea is my go to 'drug' when the kids have me stressed out with their endless bickering, temper tantrumming and all round pain-in-the-butting. Given how often my children engage in those activities I'll be lucky if this canister lasts a month. I'm kidding. I hope.

Well, I'll just have to try to ration it out so that it lasts a long time. Of course, Eva tells me not to worry and to administer the tea as needed since her mom can always just bring me more--but I think customs might take a special interest in someone trying to carry a kilo of tea into the country. Getting her in trouble with the US government doesn't seem like the best way to say thanks, you know??


  1. I love tea! My top ones are Oolong, Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Japanese green tea (sencha or matcha), and spearmint or lemongrass to relax.

    On another note, don't feel bad about international gifts... I take what I can get, and I've gotten some fantastic things! (You've probably seen them in my facebook album. haha)
    I keep in mind that if it is ever needed, I will gladly send something overseas. ^_^

  2. Just a thought. When I reheat coffee in the microwave, I find a little patience is rewarded. Complex long-chain molecules that give an interesting flavour are subject to breakup by violent microwaving. If I back the power off to 50% and take twice as long the wait is worth it. I expect the same might hold true for jasmine tea.

  3. I've only had the Earl Grey on your list. What's the difference between Chinese Green Tea and Japanese Green Tea? I have some Chinese tea that Eva gave me before. It's good stuff too. use the same leaves over and over through out the day--just pouring more hot water into my mug to recover them. :-)

    Thanks for the microwave tip--I'm sure that will come in handy. I usually heat my water in a kettle, but sometimes the microwave is called into duty.