Tuesday, May 18, 2010

There's always one. Or in this case two.

Andy's side of the family celebrates Mother's Day with a brunch type thing where the entire family comes together to eat, drink and contemplate ways to pamper the women of the family. It's great. Especially when it isn't my year to host. (Thanks Danielle and David)

Since everyone would be  under one roof, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get one photo of every member. I don't usually take a lot of pictures when we visit with Andy's family--I'm not sure why. I guess because they all live in the area, I don't feel like I have to capture the moments we have together since we get to see them so often. But how will I remember those times in the future if I don't take a picture now? I can't even remember what I had for breakfast for heaven's sake. So, I am going to try to be more diligent about getting candid snapshots in the future--well at least until someone yells at me to put the camera away. Husbands don't count though as I'm quite immune to him being annoyed with me. 

First up, we have PopPop playing tickle games with Amaya. I just love the look on her face here. You can see how she has one shoulder all tensed up from the tickle, but she's trying to be all nonchalant about it. Not even 2, and she's already too cool.

Adam and Noah. Another priceless look. "Hey dad, what's with the crazy lady? Is she safe?"

This one--well he's lucky I didn't leave him there to live with Aunt Danielle. Do you know what he said as we were driving to their house? "This is good driving Mama." Which would have been awesome--if I had been the one driving. I wasn't. It was Drew.

Gran started a tradition long ago where the mothers of the mothers bought them presents too. Did that make sense? No? Let me try again. Ok, so normally children buy gifts for their mothers right? Well, Gran started buying a gift for her daughter (Jan) every year too. Now, Gran buys gifts for Jan, Danielle, Me, and Jenn--and Jan does the same. Plus the gifts that we buy for Gran and Jan--my head spins just thinking about it.  So when we get together on Mother's Day, the house looks like a Hallmark gift bag truck exploded in there. That's just a small piece of the pile in the picture below. Not that I'm complaining. No way. I adore presents.

Nana does a mean sock puppet. It's pretty much a given after spending years in a kindergarten classroom. And Nate does a great job pretending to be wary of said puppet. He's destined for Hollywood. Just remember, you saw him here first. Finder's fee??

There she is, the saint that volunteered to host the brunch. Do you think we drove her to drink?

Or was it him?

No, couldn't be. After all he did all of the cooking. You might remember that when I hosted Mother's Day, I'm the one who had to cook and I was pregnant no less! I hope Drew took note, so when my turn rolls around again, he'll be aware of the  proper protocol.

Jenn and Noah. Glad to see he looks less concerned with questioning my sanity. He's warming up to me. Only took 5 months, too. Has to be a new record.

And that's it. So you may have noticed that I'm missing a picture. Or two. I don't know how Gran and Drew escaped my lens. I think it must be a conspiracy. So just so you don't forget who these people are, I've taken the liberty of including previous portraits of them from my gallery . Purely for reference purposes of course.


And Drew:

 Maybe next time, he won't be so eager to hide when I try to take his picture?? I never said I'd play fair.


  1. Anonymous2:42 PM

    PRICELESS! Just as well you didn't take another picture of me. That's the best one ever.

    As to the mother's day gifts...you girls are all the mother's of my greats, and grands. That makes you the best Moms in the world...thus a present to remind you. Gran

  2. Maybe we'll get a new lake picture this year to throw into the rotation. ;-)