Thursday, May 06, 2010

That R isn't really important is it?

Until further notice, the Mellon house is now operating as a Spoons Only jurisdiction. Why? Well, just watch the video, and I think you'll have the answer to that question my friends.

Warning: The following video contains unintentionally obscene language from the under 2 set.

So I'm sure you will understand our need to decline any and all invitations that involve eating in the presence of polite society. Let's hope she gets those Rs down real quick like.


  1. I love asking kids over and over again when it's so funny! LOL Awesome!

  2. LOL!! That is so funny. I think you should try "shirts", too.

  3. Mandy3:55 PM

    Too funny! Making kids repeat that stuff is hilarious to me. One day, she'll get the "r" sound, and then, what? ;-)