Thursday, May 15, 2008

This about sums it up

Today has been my official "Be a slug" day. I got to sleep in. I got to watch Regis & Kelly instead of Mighty Monster Trucks. I even got to take a long shower that included a deep cleansing mud mask for my hair. This pampering was of course owed to me since on Mother's Day I had to cook a meal for 11 adults that consisted entirely of dishes that my sweet husband requested--but that's all just another example of my selfless nature.

Anyway, as part of my lazy day, I got to read through a few blogs that I haven't visited in awhile. I had so much free time that I was even able to click on links from my tried and true reading material in a search for more treasures to add to my favorites list should another day of sloth come my way. And--Hello--I'm about to turn into a blimp, so I'm quite certain that there will be more slovenliness in my near future. And that my friends is the story of how I came across this post from another mommy blogger that very eloquently expresses my feelings on why I choose to have this blog.

Sure, this little web space is a great way to keep family and friends updated on our daily lives. And yes,please forgive me, but I do often use it as an outlet for the release of the frustration and/or rage that I feel due to random irritations that I encounter in my daily life. There's also the occasional showcasing of things that I would like to have bought for me and wrapped in bright paper, but really that's just a public service that I provide for you dear reader.

But when you get right down to the heart of it all, the reason that I started and continue to maintain this blog is so that I can have a record for myself and for my children of what life was like when they were still my little babies, and I was still the center of their world. Time goes by so quickly, and it seems that my viable brain cells are deteriorating at a similar rate of speed, so I can't count on my memory alone to serve me in the future. Yea, I could write it all in a journal, but that could get lost, eaten by the dog, or possibly even destroyed in a fire or other natural disaster--plus my handwriting isn't always what you could call legible. More importantly, having it online gives me the added benefit of getting to read all of the love notes that are left for me in the comment section. It appears that I am totally self-serving after all.

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