Monday, January 03, 2011

Twenty Eleven

Ok people listen up. Y'all need to let go of this Two thousand, eleven stuff already. It's 20-11. I mean do you really want to be saying two thousand, twenty-two in 11 years? No. You don't. And our kids' kids' kids don't want to be saying two thousand, one hundred, eleven in a 100 years either. It is time to embrace the twenty people. It will hurt at first, and you'll occasionally slip back into your old ways, but I do believe that if you stick with it you'll find yourself happier on the other side.  Triumph over adversity. You'll thank me, really.

So anyway, business first. Here is the winning comment for the December Daily Starbucks Ornament:
Ndirishlover 1 month ago
I'm going with three. I feel it in my blood. Besides I already found a spot on my tree for the holy ornament.

DISQUS is being a punk right now by not letting me log in to check to see if you included an email with your comment. I'll check back later, but if you happen to come across this first, you can shoot me an email at Mellon(at)MellonBlogs(dot)com with your mailing addy, and I'll get your ornament sent out ASAP. 

Let's see what else? Oh yes. My resolutions for the new year.  You may recall that last year I chose the word "Open" as my word of the year--if you don't recall or never knew in the first place and are curious--you can read about it by clicking here. While I still have quite a ways to go on this one, I do believe that I've made enough progress that I can keep working on it while simultaneously tackling another goal for this year. So what will the new word be?


Yes, finish. You see, I have the kind of personality that bounces around from idea to idea like a pinball rattling around inside an 80s arcade game. I vibrate with so much excitement when I take on a new project that I have to completely immerse myself in it--obsessively devouring any and all information pertaining to whatever plan has taken root inside my head. For a time, this new interest is what sustains me, it's my only focus. I am driven.  This period can last anywhere from an hour to a month to a year. But then I get bored. Or distracted by something else. Or lazy. And I never finish any of these endeavors--at least not to the point that I'm happy with. So this year, I will finish something. Or hopefully a lot of somethings. Ok, that's lofty. How about a couple of somethings? As in:
  • My Spanish Rosetta Stone Program. I started out so well with this last year. I'd spend 30 minutes on it everyday and was really feeling my buried wannabe-part-Latina breaking free. But then the blizzards came. And with them, the children stuck in the house all day. And me stuck with them. So I couldn't find both the free 30 minutes and the necessary working brain cells to continue on. Once the habit was broken, I never found my way back. But this year, I will. I will complete the entire first set of lessons. I will FINISH.  And then I will beg/plead/demand that my husband buy me the next set.
  • My novel(s) Thanks to NaNoWriMo and a writing class I took last spring, I have 3 half-finished novels hanging around. Which is absurd. So, I will finish one of them. This year. Done. Finito. Please note though that I am not resolving to actually make it a good novel, just a completed one. Big difference. 
So there you have it. My 2011 word. And I think I'll go get started on it right away by finishing off that cupcake that is sitting in my fridge. I do believe that this year is going to go just swimmingly. 

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