Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tinker Tay

Amaya is a bit Disney princess/fairy obsessed these days. So it wasn't surprising that when she had the option of picking out one toy at Target yesterday, she quickly zeroed in on this plastic figure. She grabbed it in her grubby paws and hugged it to her chest with a mixture of joy, love and just a touch of territorial dominance. Hands off my toy people--don't make me scream now, it won't be pretty.

Aw Tinker Bell. Can't really say I'm a fan, but different strokes I guess. So there we were sitting at Red Lobster waiting for our biscuits to arrive when Amaya shoved the sprite in my face so that I could be sure to properly admire her pretty, pretty hair. My eyes looked at the doll's face, and then I shook my head and checked my diet coke for traces of rum because I was sure I was gazing upon a certain love challenged country crooner.

Kinda makes sense really--Tink had a thing for Peter Pan and well Ms. Swift seems unable to resist those bad boys who refuse to grow up, too. Maybe she needs a bit more pixie dust...

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