Thursday, January 20, 2011

APB: The Mellon Did Not Do It

I got new yoga clothes! I love getting new gym attire--it makes me want to practice more so that my technique can be as stunning as my wardrobe.

I still have a ways to go on that though--it's a process. Ohhhmmm.

Speaking of the gym, yesterday before combat this sweet lady told me that I reminded her of her son's 17 year old ex girlfriend--who she liked, I made sure to ask. I think that is an amazing compliment for a 32 year old mother of two to get, so I skipped through the rest of my day feeling pleased as punch. Well, I skipped as much as one can skip after pulling her hamstring while throwing an evasive side kick a little too enthusiastically.

I think I must have one of those generic faces because people always swear they've met me before or tell me that I remind them of their mother, aunt, niece, mail lady, dog, librarian.  Most of the time this works in my favor because the person will automatically associate any good feelings she has about this doppelganger with me, so I end up getting credit for someone else's awesomeness. Though sometimes the opposite is true such as the time in college when a girl told me that she didn't like me at first because I was the spitting image of the Heather Chandler of her high school. Luckily my natural charm eventually won her over--at least enough that she stopped shooting eye daggers at me from across the room. So, while there have been a couple of negatives to possessing these common facial features, overall, I'd say it's been an advantage. A plus column item. 

But then this morning, I got to thinking about how witnesses to a crime describe a suspect to the sketch artist so that he can draw a likeness for the cops to use to locate the perp. Doesn't it make sense that if I have these features that are so prevalent in the population that I'm more often mistaken for someone else than I am taken for myself, that one day there will be a sketch making the TV news circuit of someone who looks exactly like me? Freaky, right? So from now on, I'm going to be meticulous about documenting my whereabouts so that I can be sure to have an alibi ready to prove my innocence.  I am even considering getting one of those house arrest ankle monitor things. You just can't be too careful. The only thing holding me back there though is that I think it will unbalance my tree pose. And we can't be having that when my yoga pants are so darn cute, can we?

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