Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Morning Gym Lessons

1) TRX bands are the devil.

Also it's a good thing I'm going to the salon on you see those greys? Ridiculous.

2) I really favor my left side. I'm like a weeble...except sometimes when I wobble I do fall down. I just pop right back up and try to pretend like it never happened. Play along please.

3) Push ups are the suck. TRX push ups are the suckier. Also, head up soldier.

Wearing my sweat soaked, weighted combat gloves to do push ups was probably not the brightest idea I've ever had. Slippery dippery dock.

4) When Jeanne suggests we try something new & fun, I should probably stop smiling and just run.

If TRX bands are the devil then ropes are the devil's spawn. Twice as twisted for double the pain bringing. I was obviously never meant to drive a team of six white horses. At this point I question my ability to maintain control over a miniature pony.  Who knew a little braided fiber could cause so much pain? 

5) Sometimes, when you cry "Jeanne, I'm tired" she'll actually make the torture stop--but only if you look cute and pathetic enough while saying it. 

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