Thursday, June 03, 2010

Character Analysis

I thought some of you out there might appreciate a little bio-type rundown of a few of the main players in our weekend at the lake. Let's start with Drew's older brother David--or Uncle David as he's called over and over and over and over...

You see, he's the outdoorsy one. The one willing to traipse down to the lake with all three kids to do fun stuff like throwing a hook into the water in the hopes of catching a real, live fish. And when that baby's caught, he's the one who will kneel there and hold the slimy, scaly thing while the children ooh and ahh.
 Of course, as soon as the fish is released back into the water, the chorus of "Uncle David do it again" starts. I wonder if he's considered earplugs?

Up next, we have Danielle who is married to David. Aww aren't they just the sweetest couple you've ever seen?
Being married to Uncle David gives her the title of Aunt Danielle. Everyone loves AD. For reals. This is because she is the definition of southern helpfulness. Take for instance the bunting she hung on the decks for me: (I think I need to get a few more for next year)
 Or the table she helped me set:
Plus, she loves to laugh and is always willing to partake in my crazy schemes. Like the time I wanted to send sangria home with my brother to give to my mother. I couldn't find a thermos, so...
  I put it in a baby bottle. Which I thought was rather ingenious. But that's neither here nor there. The point here is that even if she thought it was the craziest, most ridiculous idea she'd ever heard, Danielle played along.

Andy's younger brother is Adam. (Did anyone notice my intentional name switch to further the alliteration? Drew-David; Andy-Adam. Anyone??) Or Uncle Madman as I like to call him. He gets this name because he's the one who will run around the house with the kids acting like a crazy lunatic. The kids of course LOVE THIS. He is a good sport. You have to be to give a thumbs up after emerging from Cap'n Andy's Maiden Voyage. I sat that first boat ride out this year for much the same reason that I sat the first boat ride out last year

Our final character sketch of the day is of Jenn who belongs to Adam. Awww another adorable couple. So sweet it makes my teeth hurt. Or maybe it's that last piece of birthday zucchini bread I ate a minute ago. No matter.
Jenn is the musically gifted one. She's the Aunt who will happily sing songs about shoulders, knees, toes and ummm something about burping? Oh no wait it went top, middle middle, that's not right either. Obviously, I am no danger to her role as the melodic member.

I also found out just that weekend that sista has mad veggie chopping skills. She makes a garnish tray that could make Martha weep tears of joy. I think Jenn's vying for that southern helpfulness title--but you know Danielle might have a thing or two to say about being usurped. I think that's what they're discussing here actually.

I just hope it never escalates past bubbles and into water balloons. No wait, I think that would be kind of fun actually. Someone remind me to pack those next year...

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