Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saving the world, one outfit at a time

Would you believe that not only is there someone out there besides my mom who regularly reads this blog, but that there is also someone out there who actually sees the wisdom in my ramblings and heeds my advice? No? Me neither. But there is. Check it:

See that scarf? The one she's pointing to? Yea, that one. I inspired Danielle to wear that. After reading this post , she was so jazzed at the idea of a statement accessory, that she enlisted the use of one of her own to wear to our Father's Day lunch.  And I have to say she looks mighty cute in it, wouldn't you agree?

Sure, some people might say that she shouldn't be encouraging my blogging ridiculousness for fear that it might begin to run amuck. In the interest of maintaining a veneer of honesty,  I will concede that they might have a point there. Still, I choose to focus instead on how I am making the world a better place. Saving lives. Humdrum fashion ensembles have been known to kill many a buzz dontcha know.


  1. I love the word "amuck" or is it "amok?" I'm thinking it's "amok" as the squiggly spelling line didn't appear underneath it. Nonetheless, I love that word. Didn't they use it in that witch movie with Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker?

    Hmmmm. I had a point. It has been lost. My sincere apologies. Nice scarf!

  2. I too love that word and that movie! Hocus Pocus has some great quotables, my favorite being "Damn, damn, double damn!" :-)

    As for the spelling, my dictionary says they're both acceptable--amok was the original that morphed into amuck. I interchange them depending on the mood I'm in.