Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Future Has Been Mapped

There's a lost and found bin right outside the door to the kids' club at the gym. Every Thursday when we passed that sucker, Chase would reach in and grab a pretend NASCAR headset. Every. Single. Time. He never fussed about having to put it back or anything, but he was certainly pulled to that bright red toy like a moth to a flame.

Well, today Ms. Christine--who even before today's events was high on his favorite people list--offered to let Chase keep the treasure since it had been lying there for several months waiting for someone to lay claim to it. You would have thought he'd just been given an endless supply of ice cream sundaes by the way his eyes lit up. He just couldn't seem to come to terms with his own luck. 

Chase: "You mean, I get to borrow them?"
Mama: "No, Ms. Christine said you can keep them forever."
Chase: "Forever?"
Mama: "Yep. Forever."
Chase: "In the basement?"
Mama: "Sure."
Chase: "You mean, I get to borrow them?"
etcetera, etcetera, etcetera

He wore the headset all the way home while keeping up a constant stream of chatter about race cars, needing gas, pit crews, and Brian Scott. My favorite line: I want to be a pit crew person so I can tell Brian Scott to come get new tires.

I do have to say that it was nice having him focus on someone else's driving for a change. Wonder how long that will last?

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  1. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Isn't it amazing how the simplest things can make our little people happy? Can't wait to see him Sunday. Amaya, too. And you...and Andy.