Tuesday, June 15, 2010

And the results are in

Yesterday, I met with the allergist to go over Chase's latest blood work. Perhaps you remember when he had that done? 

While his numbers did decline, he still has a Class IV allergy to peanuts and almonds. Peas are a Class III. In very simplistic terms,  the difference between the two is that IVs have a greater chance of having an anaphylactic reaction whereas IIIs are more of the vomit all over everything and get a rash variety. The doctor did say that 20% of kids end up outgrowing the peanut allergy, so we'll continue testing to see if he'll be one of the lucky ones. Fingers crossed.

He's got a handful of Class II allergies as well, but those aren't a major concern as the risk of anaphylaxis is minimal. In order of IgE levels those foods are: pistachio, cashew, soybean (which he eats), safflower, hazelnut, Brazil nut and pine nut.  I have to remember next time I give him edamame to check his mouth for a rash though most of the soy that he eats is in highly processed foods which breaks the protein down to a level he's been able to tolerate.

He tested negative for macadamia, pecan, walnut and sunflower seed. Which means I guess I'll have to share my pecan pie with him if he asks. But I don't think he will because he still won't touch green beans no matter how many times I tell him he isn't actually allergic to them. My guess is that he's been so ingrained in the "no nuts" mentality that there's no way the kid is ever going to go near one. That's fine. More pie for me.

The pictures are from Joshua's birthday party this weekend. I know how twitchy you all get when I have a post without visual aids.

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