Monday, June 07, 2010

Mellon Was Here

I bet a few of you were wondering if I was actually at the lake last weekend since there seemed to be no photographic evidence to that effect. Well, yes I was there. You'll recall of course that Drew never, ever voluntarily picks up a camera to take a picture of me. I've tried everything from sly suggestion to all out temper tantrum throwing to get him to change his ways, but the message just hasn't gotten through. However, you might also recall that David--my go to photo man--was there. So I do have a few pictures--not one of them is in any way, shape or form flattering though. Not that I've ever let such a thing stop me before, so why start now?

Doing what I do best at the lake: nothing at all.

This would be my "terrified Chase and/or Nate will fall overboard and Andy will run them over face". Scary--on so many levels.

 This is me appearing more relaxed, yet I'm not really as you'll note by how tightly I've got a hold of Amaya's life vest. The other arm is wrapped around to grip the gate--just in case that sucker decided to spontaneously open on its own. What? It could happen. I know, I know. I'll look into taking some sort of anti-anxiety medication before the next boating trip. 

Also...what is the deal with those shiny legs? Stupid sunscreen. This is what I get for trying to be healthy. Never again.


  1. shiny legs are a good thing! could be worse. :P Looks like a nice relaxing time (when you're not on the boat) Hope you'll have more of that this summer. :)

  2. I think that's the key: Stay on dry land.