Monday, May 25, 2009

The Lake Saga Volume One: Oh Captain, My Captain

Did you know that David is an officially licensed recreational boat operator in the state of Maryland? I was fairly impressed with this little nugget until I found out that any old tom, dick or harry could obtain a license by simply taking an online safety course and exam. When it was disclosed that a person need only score an 80% to pass, I was more than just a tad leery of putting my life and dry clothing into the hands of Captain Dave especially when I remembered how he cackled with glee every time he soaked us with an icy burst of lake water last year. So, given that I was wearing white and had a haircut scheduled next week thus requiring that I remain alive for a bit longer, I decided that the prudent thing to do would be sit out the maiden voyage so that I could observe first hand just how well that online course had prepared David for the challenges of Deep Creek Lake on Memorial Day weekend. I sat down by the lake shore with Amy & Mandy and scanned the horizon looking for signs of the boat's return.

Hmmmm is that Chase sitting there on Grandpa's lap? Apparently, I had no qualms about sending my first born out on the lake with an untested driver. No worries, I am sure that Uncle Rob would have saved the tyke if he had fallen overboard.

Aww...the padawan has improved his docking skills. Either that or Andy improved his navigation skills. Surprised, I am.

The only casualties I can identify are Danielle's shorts. I never took David as the passive aggressive type, but I wouldn't be surprised to find out later that this soaking of the wife was not entirely accidental.

Yep, seems like everyone is still in possession of all vital organs and appendages. Captain Dave had officially earned the right to chauffeur me around the lake. Can you imagine how thrilled that must have made him??
Our ride was so smooth that Tyler could have balanced a Dorito on his nose, but he adamantly refused to try. 14 year old boys can be so disagreeable.

Nothing but smiles after the ride. Truly our Captain has earned his boating chops as it is no small feat to make four women happy. Some might even say he's a miracle worker.


  1. Mandy9:09 AM

    GOOOOOOO Captain Dave!

    That's a good pic of all of us ladies. Such fun.

    Shame on Tyler for not trying the death-defying balancing Dorito stunt. Of course, I'd better watch my mouth--I think he can take me.

  2. Yea well part of the problem with Tyler not being willing to attempt my trick was that I never actually asked him to since it was so loud on the boat, I didn't think he'd hear me all the way in the front there. I tried sending many telepathic messages, but he either never got them or ignored them. Still, he probably should have tried it of his own accord anyway--what good are teenagers if they aren't actively trying to entertain us old folks? lol